Ads in Telegram channelsβ

Telegram channelsβ are a new way to place your ads. Relevant ads are served in public Telegram channels of Yandex Advertising Network partners.

  1. What an ad looks like
  2. How to create a campaign
  3. Highlights
  4. How to join testing
  5. Telegram channel owners

What an ad looks like

An ad looks like a regular post on a channel and contains:

  1. Image or video.
  2. Clickable title and a link to the advertised site.
  3. Ad text.
  4. “Ad” label.
  5. Link to advertiser information. Additional elements may be added: an age label or a notice.
Example of an ad in the Telegram interface

How to create a campaign

You can only create new campaigns for ads in Telegram channels. In existing campaigns, you can't change the ad placement to a Telegram channel.

Step 1. Go to the campaign creation page and make settings.

Click Add → Campaign. Choose Expert mode and select your ad goal: Conversions, sales, and traffic.

Enter the campaign name.

Under Ad placements, select Telegram channelsβ. After you save the campaign settings, you will not be able to change the placement.

The only strategy available for ads in Telegram channels is Maximum number of clicks. You can't change it to a different one. Specify the mandatory parameters: weekly budget and maximum CPC. The maximum CPC can be from 30 to 300 rubles.

Step 2. Create an ad group. Select the channel geography and categories
  1. Under Telegram channel geography, select which regions you would like to serve your ad posts in. Channels for the placement will be selected based on the contents of your ads in the context of the selected regions.

    • For maximum reach, we recommend selecting all of Russia to ensure that your ads will also be served in channels not related to specific regions.

    • To stop serving ads in the channels of specific regions, we recommend selecting all Russia and adding exceptions.

    Channels are mostly not linked to regions. Selecting specific regions might significantly decrease the number of ad impressions, because it will exclude most channels.

    For example, your advertising is related to cars:

    • If you select Russia and disable impressions in Moscow, your ad will be placed in the “All about cars” Telegram channel, but will not appear in the “All about Cars Moscow” channel.

    • If you select Moscow as the display region, your ads will show up in the “All about Cars Moscow” channel, but will not be placed in the “All about Cars” channel. This will bring you the minimum number of impressions.

    • If you select Russia as a display region, your ads will be placed both in the “All about Cars” and “All about Cars Moscow” channels. This will bring you the maximum number of impressions.

  2. By default, Telegram channel category is configured to serve ads in channels of all categories. This way, your ads reach the widest audience. If necessary, select “Set up manually” and exclude the categories of Telegram channels where you don't want to serve ad posts from the list. Make sure you leave at least 3 categories. It's best not to narrow the audience and leave all categories selected.

    The category is selected by the channel owner when they register in the Yandex Advertising Network. Some categories combine multiple topics to cover broader interests.

    List of categories
    Business and marketing Careers Sales, promos, discounts
    Blogs Cryptocurrencies Travel and nature
    Videos and movies Medicine Family and children
    Design and technology Fashion and beauty Transportation
    Food and cooking Music Hobbies and self-development
    Health, fitness, sports News and media Economics and law
    Games Education Humor and entertainment
    Interior design and construction Politics
  3. Click Continue.

Step 3. Customize your ad and its layout.

Come up with an ad title and text. Describe your offer and what sets it apart from the competition. The maximum text length in an ad is 764 characters.

To make your ad more appealing and improve its CTR, add an image.

Under Video, add a file with a video clip or use a video clip from the gallery. To make it more likely that your video plays automatically in a post, add a video of no more than 10 MB.

To motivate users to interact with your ad, add an action button.


You can't edit a published ad post, so make sure your ads are correct before launching them.


Start of impressions

Due to the specifics of ad placement in Telegram channels, it may take longer from the launch of a campaign to the start of impressions as compared to placing regular ads on networks.

Ad labeling

Yandex automatically adds a link to the “About advertiser” page to an ad, which allows you not to add any labeling information to the ad itself and place it on this page instead.

Restricted subjects

Ads related to sensitive subjects can't be shown in Telegram channels.


Rather than paying for ad impressions, you only pay for clicks on your ad within the first 48 hours after it has been placed in a Telegram channel. After this period, the ad post is automatically deleted from the channel.

For example, suppose you launched a campaign on Monday at 9:00. On Tuesday, at 11:40, the ad post is placed in a relevant Telegram channel. You will pay for all clicks on your post that occurred between 11:40 on Tuesday and 11:40 on Thursday. After this period, the post is deleted.

Any statistics for your ad placement will be available in the Report Wizard.

Disable impressions

If necessary, you can disable ad impressions after creating a campaign on certain Telegram channels. To do this, add their addresses to the appropriate field in the campaign settings in format.

How to join testing

If you are interested in participating in Beta testing, please contact your manager.

Telegram channel owners

If you have a Telegram channel and want to have Yandex Direct ads served on it, submit an application. For more information about Telegram channel owners' participation in beta testing, see our news.

Have questions?

Attention. Our customer service department can only help you with the campaigns created under the same username you use to contact us. You can see your current login in the upper-right corner of the screen. Our team can access your data only when processing your request.

You can contact us from 10:00 to 19:00 (UTC+3) by phone:

Moscow: +7(495)780-65-20

Toll-free within Russia: 8(800)234-24-80, ext. 9


To access campaigns, a customer service specialist will need your PIN.