Turbo site builder

You can create an unlimited number of Turbo sites for free in Turbo Site Builder. You don't need any special skills or experience to create them. You can create a Turbo site from scratch or use templates and adapt them to your product.

Creating a site

  1. On the “My campaigns” page, click Turbo Page Builder. You can also open Turbo Page Builder from the Tools section in the side menu.

    If you are creating or editing an ad, click Turbo page → Add → My Turbo pages. Turbo Site Builder opens.

  2. Enter the name to enable easy search in the library and click Create. You can use lower-case letters, digits, and hyphens in the name.
  3. Select a blank page or one of the templates.
  4. Design your page using sections. If you have a company in Yandex Business, link it to your Turbo page, and some sections will be filled in automatically.
  5. Add other site pages in the same way. To do this, click to create a copy of the page, or go back to the builder and click Create → Turbo page in the site folder.
  6. See how your site will look on different devices: computers, tablets, and phones. To do this, click Preview and use the toggle.
  7. When you have finished creating each page, select Publish in the upper-right corner. You can edit your published site anytime. The page URL doesn't change on re-publication.
    Attention. Ads can only use a published site.
  8. Go to Turbo site settings: enter the address, home page (if you have several pages), favicon, and Yandex Metrica tag.

To preview a published site, click the link under its name in the builder.

Working with the library of Turbo sites

Turbo sites you created are saved in the library. To open the library, click the Turbo Page Builder link on the My campaigns page. For your convenience, you can use folders and create Turbo sites directly from them. To create folders, click Create → Folder in the library and enter a name.

You can create a Turbo site based on ones that you made earlier. To do this, select a Turbo site and click Create a copy. Enter the name of the new Turbo site and the location where you want to save it.

To copy a link to a published Turbo site, select it in the library and click in the preview area.

Unpublishing or deleting a page

You can unpublish your Turbo page at any time. This can be helpful if you published a page by mistake or it is no longer relevant. You can delete your outdated pages, keeping your library clean for the pages you need most.

Attention. You can only unpublish a page that is not linked to any ad.
Published Turbo pages are highlighted green in the list. To unpublish your page:
  1. Select it in the list and use the preview area to check whether the page is still used in ads. If it is used, first remove the link to the Turbo page from the ads.
  2. Click  → Unpublish or right-click the page and select Unpublish from the menu.

The page becomes unavailable for users, but you can still access it in the library. To delete a Turbo page, right-click upon it and select Remove from the menu.

Moving pages, sites, and folders

You can move pages, sites, and folders stored in the library from one folder to another. This way you can reuse your content when creating new sites and keep intuitive folder structure for quick navigation.

To move a page within the library, select it from the list and click  → Move page. If you need to move multiple pages, press Ctrl and click each page, then right-click on the selection and select Move page. You can move a site or folder the same way.

You can even move published pages that are linked to ads. When you move these types of pages, their URLs don't change.

When you move pages, sites, and folders, keep in mind that:
  • You can move a page or folder with pages to an existing Turbo site. You can only move a Turbo site to a folder that is not in any other site.

  • If you move the home page of a Turbo site, make sure to select a new home page in the settings. Otherwise, the home page will be assigned randomly.
  • If a page has an address assigned to it (for example, name.turbo.site/about), then when you move it to another site the address is deleted, because the new site may already have a page with the same address. Set a new address for such a page after moving it.
  • The data linked from Yandex Business is not saved when you move a page.

Have questions?

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