How to add a Turbo site

When creating or editing your ads, you can add a Turbo site to your main site link, sitelink, or vCard, or use only a Turbo site. This determines the ad destination on different devices.

Select which devices you want to use the Turbo site on:
  • Only on mobile devices: enter the link to your main website under Landing page in the On desktops and tablets section. In the On mobile devices section, select Turbo page. In this case, ads served on a desktop or tablet lead to your main site, while ads served on smartphones lead to your Turbo site.
  • On all devices: select Turbo page in both sections under Landing page.

Click Add and select one of the options:
  • Create in one minute: Use this option to quickly create a Turbo page. All you have to do is fill in a few fields in the form. After that you can publish your page and link it to the ad right away.
  • Create using template: Use this option to create a page based on a structure tailored for your business.
  • My Turbo pages: Use this option to pick from the Turbo site library. Click Create → New Turbo site or select a previously added site.

    Learn more about how to create a Turbo site in the builder.

Group campaign management

You can add, replace, or remove Turbo sites from multiple ads at once using the bulk edit feature. Select the ads you need to edit on the ads page and pick Turbo pages from the list of actions. Select an action on the page that opens and click Apply.

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