E-commerce in Turbo sites

  1. How to set up e-commerce
  2. How to view statistics

E-commerce lets you turn your Turbo site into an online store. A Turbo site with e-commerce can come in handy if you don't have your own site yet, or your site doesn't support ordering items.

On a Turbo site with e-commerce, the user can:

  • View products and services in a showcase. Each product card includes an image, a description, a price with a discount, and an action button to order or learn more.
  • Put items in the cart and change their quantity in the cart.
  • Place an order (check out), indicating the payment method and shipment method.

You can configure the set of data the user enters on checkout. For example, they might enter an additional phone number or contact details of the person picking up the order from the pickup point.

The order and all the related data from the order window are sent to the email address you have specified.

E-commerce in Turbo sites is also used for collecting statistics that can be viewed in Yandex Metrica.

How to set up e-commerce

  1. Open the page where you want to set up e-commerce, or create a new Turbo page. The page must have the Header section.
  2. Add the Goods section. After that, the Checkout screen is automatically added to the builder, and the Cart button appears in the header.
  3. Configure the Goods section. This section contains item cards, prices, and buttons for order placement. For each product, you can configure:
    • Image. Supported formats — 1:1 and 4:5.
    • Price. Add the current price and previous price. The discount will be calculated automatically and you can display it as a percentage or an amount. The price should be specified based on your selected currency and advertising rules in the country where the Turbo site is displayed.
    • Button to navigate from the product card. Enter a name and specify the action on click: add an item to the cart, go to another site, go to a site section, or open the request form. The cart is generated automatically as items are added to it if the page has the Header.
  4. Configure the Checkout screen. The window preview is under the Footer section.

    Enter the email address to send the orders from the form to. You can specify multiple addresses separated by commas. This might make sense, if you have assigned several employees to process your orders.

    Fill in the Legal information section. While collecting personal data about your customers through forms, you must specify information about yourself or your organization that is inserted in the message under the form. Select the business structure (an individual or legal entity) and fill in the information in this section. If necessary, add a link to the full version of your user agreement. It will be shown in a pop-up when you click on the Learn more label.

    Configure the fields for the customer's contact details: add the missing fields, select the format for each field, and specify which fields are required.

    Select the available shipment types. The available shipment types are Pick-up and Delivery. Specify the pickup address for the first shipment type and delivery cost for the second shipment type. Set up your payment methods: for example, Pay to the courier by cash and Pay to the courier by bank card.

How to view statistics

In order to collect e-commerce statistics, the following goals are linked to the preset Turbo Pages tag in Yandex Metrica:
Goal name Goal description
Item added to the cart Clicked the Add to Cart button in the product card or increased the product quantity in the Cart
Order form opened Checkout screen loaded
Order placed successfully Order submitted from the Checkout screen

To view statistics for these goals, go to Yandex Metrica, open the Reports section, and select Standard reportsConversions. Click a goal in the goal dashboard to open the report on target sessions.

If you have a custom tag, you can mark sections with your own goals.

To learn more about goals, see Yandex Metrica Help.

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