Using data from Yandex Business

You can link your company's card from Yandex Business to your Turbo site and use its data in Turbo Site Builder. This will save time and simplify your Turbo site setup. If your company is not in Yandex Business, you can quickly create it in Turbo Site Builder and link it to the website right away.


  • You no longer need to manually fill in the same data (for example, contacts in the Header section) for each new Turbo page. Enter the data once in Yandex Business, link the company, and the data is automatically added to the new sections and Turbo site pages.
  • If your company changes its phone number, email address, or name, you don't have to manually change the data on each Turbo page: just update this data once in Yandex Business.
  • If you register your card correctly in Yandex Business, you can avoid errors in the required fields when you create a Turbo page: the company data has already been moderated in Yandex Business.

How it works

When you link a Turbo page to your Yandex Business card, the company's data is automatically inserted into the page sections, even if you have already filled them in manually. For example, in the Header section, the phone number, address, email, opening hours is entered, while in the Form page the legal information is entered (company name, TIN).

If several phone numbers are listed in Yandex Business, only the first phone number from the list is added to the Turbo page. All the other company data is added in the same way. You can change your phone number and email in the Builder manually.

The fields fetched from Yandex Business are labeled with in the Turbo page sections. When new sections or new Turbo site pages are added, the company's data is automatically inserted.

Attention. If some of your published Turbo pages get updated with data from Yandex Business, you need to re-publish these Turbo pages.

How to link a company

Make sure that the company is registered in Yandex Business under the same account you use in Yandex Direct.

  1. In Turbo Site Builder, click  → My business.
  2. Click + Link a company. In the window that opens, you will see a list of all the companies available to you in Yandex Business.

    If your company data is missing from Yandex Business Directory, you can quickly create it directly in Turbo Page Builder. To do this, click + Create business.

  3. Select a company in the list and confirm your selection.

To view all the fields that were fetched from Yandex Business, expand the list in the settings.

How to edit company data in the Turbo Page Builder

To replace your company's phone number or email on a specific Turbo page:
  1. In the Builder, click  → My business.
  2. Expand the list of fields fetched from Yandex Business.
  3. Disable the options Phone and Email.
  4. Save your changes.

These fields will become editable and you can fill them in manually in the Turbo page sections. All the other data fetched from Yandex Business is read-only. You can only edit this data in Yandex Business.

Note. The company's data is copied exactly from Yandex Business. For example, if the company name is too long and fails to display correctly in the Turbo page section, edit the name in Yandex Business.

Editing data in Yandex Business

You can quickly edit your company's data in Yandex Business directly from the Builder. To do this, open  → My business and click .

The data you edit in Yandex Business is updated automatically in Turbo Site Builder. To make sure that the fields have updated in the Builder, click .

Attention. If some of your published Turbo pages get updated with data from Yandex Business, you need to re-publish these Turbo pages.

How to unlink a company

  1. In Turbo Site Builder, click  → My business.
  2. Click Unlink business.

The data you filled in earlier (before linking a company from Yandex Business) is preserved in the sections.

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