To collect data in Yandex Metrica about how users interact with your Turbo pages, you can use a preset or custom tag, or special URL parameters. You can view statistics for Turbo sites in Report Wizard.

Yandex Metrica

You can use a preset or custom tag for your Turbo site. You can switch between the preset tag and custom tag whenever you want. The same tag is installed on all the Turbo site pages by default, but you can use individual page settings to set tags for each of them.

Attention. You can't enable Session Replay for Turbo site tags.
Preset tag

A tag labeled Turbo Pages automatically appears in your Yandex Metrica account when you create your first Turbo site. This tag will be used by default in all Turbo sites for your account. You can use it to analyze the effectiveness of your Turbo sites and figure out how to improve them. The tag is only available for viewing.

Yandex Metrica goals will be linked to the tag. The complete list of goals is below.

List of preset tag goals
Goal name Goal description
Button click A click on a button to go to the site or a section of the Turbo page
Header: Total clicks on a menu item A user clicked any menu item in the Header section
Header: Total clicks on CTA buttons In the Header section, a user clicked a call-to-action button or a button to navigate to another section of the Turbo page
Header: Total clicks on social network buttons (VK/Viber/ In the Header section, a user clicked a button for a social network (VK/Viber/
Sent request form User clicked a button under the request form
Opened thank you page User loaded the thank you page
Clicked on "Go to site" button on thank you page User clicked the button on the thank you page that redirects to the site
Clicked Back on thank you page User clicked the Back button on the thank you page to return to the Turbo page
Clicked on contact button Total clicks on all types of contact buttons
Total clicks on contact buttons (Phone/Email/Google+/ User pressed the contact button “Phone”/“Email”/“Google+”/“”/“Telegram”/“Viber”/“Vkontakte”/“WhatsApp”
Item added to the cart Clicked the Add to Cart button in the product card or increased the product quantity in the Cart
Order form opened Checkout screen loaded
Order placed successfully Order submitted from the Checkout screen

To learn more about goals, see Yandex Metrica Help.

Custom tag

You can use your own Yandex Metrica tag. This allows you to configure your goals as you like, assigning them only to those elements of your Turbo site that you want to track user actions on. We recommend using the main site tag, but you can create a separate tag for the Turbo site. You can use a tag that you have set up guest editing access for.

To select your own tag, click  → Analytics. In the drop-down list, select Custom and enter the appropriate tag.

You can link one or more goals of the custom tag to clickable elements of a Turbo site. In the Yandex Metrica Goals field, enter a comma-separated list of goal IDs. The specified IDs must match the goal IDs in Yandex Metrica. For the request form and the “Call” type of contact button, you must specify at least one goal. To learn more about goals, see Yandex Metrica Help.

Report Wizard

You can use Report Wizard to evaluate the results of your Turbo site ads. For example, to see how much lower your bounce rate is on mobile devices, use the Ad number cross section. In Columns, select Bounces. Then add the filter Device type → mobile.

Learn more about evaluating campaign performance

Add parameters to a link

You can add various parameters and tags to the Turbo site link, so that web analytics systems (like Yandex Metrica) can receive additional information about traffic for this link. On the ad group editing page, click +Tracking parameters. The parameters will be added to all links to the Turbo pages, including sitelinks. Learn more about URL parameters.

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