Videos in ads are short videos (from 5 to 60 seconds long). Shoot your video and upload it when creating an ad. Videos can be displayed instead of images in Text & Image ads when served on suitable sites or in the Yandex Video Network. Just like when serving any Text & Image ads in Yandex Direct, you only pay for clicks.

Besides in-banner videos, an ad can be served in other formats:

  • Instream or multiroll — a video embedded in the video stream to be played back before, in the middle, or at the end of the main video.
  • Outstream — a video embedded on website pages.
  • Interstitial — a video ad played in a mobile app before loading or changing content.
  • Rewarded video — an ad played in mobile gaming apps. For watching an ad, the user gets a reward or in-game currency.

For more information about performance video formats, read the article How to brighten up your performance advertising and get more conversions with videos.

  1. Advantages
  2. How do I add a video?
  3. Recommendations for preparing the video
  4. Impression statistics
  5. Bid adjustments


By using video, you can make your ads more appealing and show off the advantages of your product or service. A colorful ad with a video attracts more attention than a static text ad.
Brand awareness

Ads containing the brand's own unique videos help users develop brand awareness and create relevant associations with the company or product.

Counting impressions using IAB and MRC

Yandex uses strict viewability criteria: video impressions count after two seconds, provided that at least 50% of the video player area* is continuously present in the viewable area of the screen.

How do I add a video?

You can add a video when you create or edit an ad. Under Video, upload a new video or select a previously added video from the gallery.

The video must meet the moderation rules and the technical requirements.

Technical requirements for video clips
Format MP4, WebM, MOV, QT, FLV, AVI
Size maximum 100 MB
Duration Between 5 and 60 sec
Recommended aspect ratio 16 : 9; 1 : 1; 9 : 16
Minimum resolution 360p
Recommended resolution 1080p
Video frame rate from 20 frames/second
Video codecs H.264, VP6F, VP8, Theora
Number of video tracks 1
Minimum quality 44 kHz, 16 Kbit/s, stereo
Audio codecs AAC, MP3, Vorbis
Number of audio tracks no more than 1
File codec avc1, F4V, isom, M4A, M4V, mmp4, mp41, mp42, qt
Cover No

For the in-banner video format, the video is automatically adjusted to fit into the allotted size. If it's not possible to adjust the video accordingly, users will see an image instead. Please add an appropriate image in the Image section. To ensure the maximum reach for your campaign, create several video creatives with different aspect ratios in your ad group. Yandex algorithms will choose the most appropriate format depending on the placement option.

Note. Videos created in Video Builder meet all the above requirements.

When serving ads on relevant sites in the Yandex Advertising Network, the ad title, text, and link will be added to the video automatically.

In the Yandex Video Network, the title and text of the ad are displayed as follows:

  • They are not shown in the InStream format by default.
  • In OutStream format, they can be placed in the header above the video.

If your video doesn't have a call to action or description of your product or service, you should add a title and ad text for serving your ad in the video network: enable the Display ad title and text when served on video platforms option. The title and text will be placed on top of the video, in the center of the ad unit. Preview to see the result. If the title and text obscure viewing, disable the option.

When the option is enabled, the title and text are placed on top of the video in the following cases:

  • In InStream format.
  • In OutStream format on pages that have no text header above the video.

You can add only one video per ad.

Recommendations for preparing the video

  • Show the advantages of your product or services in the video: it should not look like an abstract sequence of shots.
  • Brand your videos: make sure the company's logo is visible.
  • Don't make your videos too short or too long: the duration should be enough to contain a clear and succinct message. You can also use short videos lasting up to 15 seconds. You should try to communicate the key idea in the first 6–10 seconds of the video.
  • If possible, add videos with sound. This will increase the conversion rate.
  • If you're using videos without sound, try to highlight the key advantages of your offer through text or subtitles.
  • Consider the ad player layout when preparing your video: in particular, the position and design of the click-through button. The button is fixed in the lower-left corner of the video. You can't change its color.

    • It's better to place the main ad content in the central part of the video, with a 20% bottom margin.
    • If your video needs a notice, put it in the lower 10% of the screen so that the buttons don't block the notice.
    Examples of safe area locations in different video formats
    • Vertical

    • Horizontal

    • Square

    In most cases, the safe areas are positioned as shown in the examples above. However, there may be some exceptions.

Impression statistics

The statistics can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your ads with videos. Compare the overall campaign data to find out how videos affected your conversion rate and how your goal cost and CPC changed when you added the new creative. Compare the performance of your videos on different sites using the Sites cross-section in the Report Wizard.

On various ad network sites, your ad may be served in different formats: with a video or with an image. In the Report Wizard, you can use the Formats cross section to compare CTR, conversion price, Cost per EC, and other ad performance indicators in various formats.

The system will register an impression for an ad with a video as soon as the first frame of the video displays. Clicks are registered when the title or button is clicked. If you want to see ads where users clicked on the video, go to Cross sections, choose Ad №, Click position. In Columns, select Clicks. Then filter by Formats → Video extension and Click position → title, button.

Learn more about evaluating campaign performance.

Bid adjustments

You can set bid adjustments to raise or lower your bid when serving ads with videos. The minimum bid with a coefficient is 50% less than the original bid. The maximum bid is equal to the original bid plus 1200%

Bid adjustments can be set in the campaign settings or on the ad group editing page. More information about bid adjustments.

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