Feed requirements

Product sales

General requirements for product feeds:

  • Each product must have a unique ID.
  • The IDs of the same product must be the same in different feeds, even when the feeds have different types. For example, the same product should have the same ID in your Yandex Market and Google Shopping feeds both.

Retail sales, other business: Yandex Market feed

You can use the Yandex Market feed in YML (Yandex Market Language) format for “Retail” and “Other” type businesses. To learn more about YML, see Yandex Market Help.

Any XML document may contain only one root element. The YML format uses the <yml_catalog> element as the root element. The date attribute of the <yml_catalog> element should correspond to the date and time the YML file was generated on the advertiser's side. The date must be in YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm format.

The list of the advertiser's product offerings is contained in the <offers> element. Each product offering is described in a separate <offer> element. Add the <currencies> and <categories> elements in the <shop> element before the list of product offers. To learn more about elements comprising <shop>, see Yandex Market Help.

This is the basic, simpler type of description.

<offer id="0123456" available="true">
  <name>ESET NOD32 Platinum Edition Antivirus</name>
  <description>ESET NOD32 Platinum Edition Antivirus-2-year license NOD32-ENA-NS (BOX) - 2-1</description>
  <sales_notes>Payment: cash, wire transfer, bank card, credit</sales_notes>
  <age unit="year">18</age>

Attributes of the <offer> element

Attribute Description

Product ID.

Mandatory attribute. The IDs of each product must be unique and not overlap in different feeds.


Availability of product:

  • true — Product is in stock.
  • false — Product is not in stock.

Child elements of the <offer> element

Element Description

Product offering name It's recommended you indicate the vendor or manufacturer name and code in the name of a simplified offer.

Required element.


URL of the product page.

Required element.


Image link.

Required element (for smart banners).

Add multiple images from the card of one product. For example, images of the product shown from different angles or in different interiors. YAN allows you to display up to five images in some formats. For more information about the selection and processing of images in smart banners, see Questions and answers.


The price at which this product is being offered.

Recommended element for dynamic ads and smart banners.


Currency code (RUB, USD, UAH, KZT).

Required element if the price element is present.




Vendor or manufacturer.


Product code (enter the vendor code).


Product offering description.


Product category ID assigned by the advertiser (an integer of no more than 18 characters). The product offering can belong to only one category.

Required element. The <offer> element can only contain one <categoryId> element.


Product category to be used on Yandex Market.


Product available in retail stores:

  • true — Available.

  • false — Not available.


Customer pickup from delivery point:

  • true — Available.

  • false — Not available.


Delivery by courier:

  • true — Available.

  • false — Not available.


The old product price, which must be higher than the new price (price).


Order information:

  • minimum order price, minimum product consignment, required prepayment.

  • payment options, descriptions of promotions and sales.


Official warranty:

  • true — Available.

  • false — Not available.


Country of origin.