Advertising dashboard

In YAN ads, you can see a three-dot icon (). This is the user's ad dashboard: a menu with a list of actions.

About advertiser

This menu item opens the details page that helps users make purchasing decisions.

This page is built by Yandex rather than by the seller. On this page, users can check the site that the ad leads to (an official site or third-party site), look up the location of the seller's office or offline stores (if any), find out the site's rating, read reviews about the seller, and look at their other ads. Here users can see everything we have found about the seller, even if the seller provides a secure connection on their site. If not, that's a good reason to avoid sharing bank card data with such a site.

Hide ad

Users can click this menu item if they don't want to see ads from this category anymore. There may be different reasons for that: the user isn't interested in the ad, the ad has been shown too often, or the user has already purchased the advertised product.

Reporting an ad

Users can use this menu item to write to the advertiser or report the ad to Yandex.