Limit impressions by content type

By default, Yandex display ads are not shown next to videos with distressing content. Select the expanded list to disable impressions in additional categories where you don't want to mention your brand: in materials with obscenities, in adult and negative content, and in materials about gambling, tobacco, and weapons.

We strive to ensure that the impression restriction is as effective as possible, but we can't guarantee that every such placement is disabled.

  1. How to configure
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How to configure

In the advanced settings, go to Limit impressions by content type. Select categories to limit your impressions to:


The following placements are disabled by default:

Tragic content

Materials on acts of terrorism, accidents, war and military action, missing people, natural disasters with victims, accidents with fatalities, mention of any other incidents that led to serious injuries or deaths.

Tragic content does not include mention of incidents without explicit indication that they led to casualties. Such content is classified as negative.

For example, the news of a flood with 15 people affected is tragic content. The video reporting a hurricane heading for a coast is not tragic content, but negative content, since it does not contain information about affected people.


In addition to the basic category, ads won't be placed in the following types of content:


Mention of cards, casinos, roulette, slot machines, lotteries, official game tournaments, sports betting, and other related topics.

Adult-only content

Content showing nudity, explicit sexual behavior, and materials about sex. The main meaning of such content is sexuality and eroticism.

For example, this category does not include films that mention sexual behavior but don't explicitly demonstrate it or make it the main content of the film.

Materials on terrorism

Mention of terrorist organizations, terrorist attacks, terrorist figures, investigations and facts about terrorism, anti-terrorist activities and special forces, their current and former members.

Negative content

Materials on diseases, accidents, natural disasters and other incidents without explicit mention of victims, torture, violence, and abuse of people and animals.

Negative content does not includes mention of large-scale tragedies with victims — such content is classified as tragic content.

For example, news about the onset of the flu epidemic with a story about prevention measures, but without mentioning of deaths, is negative content. A video about the outbreak of the Ebola virus with the mention of the number of affected persons is tragic content, as it mentions a mass incident with victims.


Use of rough, obscene, offensive expressions, and excessive jargon in the materials.


Content on the sale, production, storage of weapons, discussion of weapons for personal use (including cold weapons, traumatic weapons, means of self-protection, ammunition), materials about military weapons, including historical weapons.

This category does not include eSports, mention of gaming weapons or fairy-tale weapons, or films where characters use weapons.


Mention of tobacco, tobacco products and brands, of production, use and sale of tobacco products, accessories and devices for smoking, including electronic cigarettes, hookahs, smoking pipes.


To check the results of the filter on restricted impression categories from the expanded list, use the “Filter by content” report on the campaign statistics page. The report shows the number of filtered auctions for the selected period. If you use the basic list for the filter, the report is not available.

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