Shared account

A shared account is a method of automatically distributing funds among all campaigns that are under the same username. Your ads will continue being served until your shared account runs out of funds. To go to the Shared account page, under the username, click the amount. In the window that opens, click All settings.


To add funds to your shared account, go to the Shared account page and click Top up. The payment options available differ based on your country and currency.

Average daily budget

You can set an average daily budget limit for a shared account. On the Shared account page, go to the Average daily budget section and click Configure. Specify the average daily spending per calendar week.

The budget is calculated using the formula:

Minimum budget is 1000 rubles per day (values for other currencies).

How it works

The budget will be distributed across the entire day or time period you entered in the time targeting settings. If the budget you set is not sufficient to serve your ads throughout the whole day, your ads will participate less frequently in the auction. If the specified budget is enough to serve ads all day, you will receive all available traffic.

The budget is reallocated over the course of the week: your remaining balance from less active days will be spent during more active days. Daily spending may be higher or lower than the limit you set. The system can not spend more than 30% over your average daily budget amount. Your average daily spending over a week will not exceed the limit you set.

If you use high-frequency keywords with a small daily budget or set high bids for keywords, Yandex Direct cannot guarantee that the impressions will be distributed evenly throughout the day. Your available budget may run out completely at the beginning of the impression period, with no funds left for the rest of the day.

Click Recent campaign suspensions to see every instance when the system stopped serving ads over the past 14 days due to your daily budget running out.


Your daily shared account budget works together with your campaign budget limits (daily or weekly budget).

For example, let's say that you have two campaigns with average daily budgets of 500 and 3000 rubles. If you set the daily budget of your shared account to 1000 rubles, then the average total of 1000 rubles per day will be spent for both campaigns, and 500 rubles per day will be spent for the first campaign.

You can't change your daily budget more than three times per day:
  • When setting a limit or reducing the daily budget, the setting will be applied from the next day.
  • If you remove the limit or increase the daily budget, it will be applied immediately after activation.
In this case, the average spending from Monday through the day of the change can't exceed the previously set limit by more than 30%. For the remaining days of the week, the average expenditure will target the new amount of the daily budget.

For example, on Wednesday, the average daily budget changed from 10,000 to 15,000 rubles. Before Thursday, ad expenditures could be up to 13,000 rubles per day (10,000 rubles + 30%). Starting Thursday, up to 19,500 rubles can be spent on advertising (15,000 rubles + 30%). Average spending from Thursday through Sunday will not exceed 15,000 rubles.

Your daily shared account budget runs on Moscow time (UTC+3), regardless of the time zone chosen for your campaign. If you disabled impressions on certain days and your campaign runs in a different time zone, you may end up spending more than your budget.

For example, let's say went into your time targeting settings and disabled impressions on Sunday and set the “MSK +04:00” time zone for Novosibirsk. At 20:01 (Moscow time) on Sunday, the system will start serving ads though it is already Monday in Novosibirsk. As a result, part of Monday's daily budget will be spent in the final four hours of Sunday (according to Moscow time). Then the system will continue serving ads, and the daily budget for Monday will also be spent.

We don't recommend the Pay per conversion option if you use the daily budget on your shared account. Otherwise, your daily budget could be overspent by an additional 30% or more or underspent significantly. To avoid overspending, it's better to limit the weekly budget at the campaign level.

Questions and answers

I want to disable my shared account

Every campaign you create in Yandex Direct is assigned to your shared account. You can't disable the shared account for a campaign.

You can use the shared account to control your costs on a specific campaign by setting:

If your business requires that you run campaigns from separate accounts, register different usernames and manage them using a single Manager account. To top up your accounts, you can switch between usernames. However, you have to use your manager account to create campaigns, update and edit ads, and view statistics. This way, you can combine up to 50 accounts under one manager account.

Why do I have a negative balance on my shared account?
  • Deactivation threshold is set.

    If the Deactivation threshold option is enabled in the shared account settings, ad campaigns can run at a negative balance until the amount owed reaches the threshold.

  • Available funds are used to pay the overdue amount.

    When you issue an invoice with the deferred payment option, you must pay the amount owed within 15 days. If the invoice with a deferred payment option is not paid within 15 days, the amount becomes overdue.

    In this case, unused funds on the shared account may be debited against the overdue amount until it's fully paid. The debited balance will be credited back the next day after you pay the amount owed under the deferred payment option.

  • A small negative balance may arise if the ad was served when there still were funds on the shared account, but when the click occurred no funds were left. The balance was spent on another click at the same time.

Have you figured out why you have a negative balance on the shared account?

What is the deactivation threshold?

The deactivation threshold is an option in the shared account settings that allows your ad campaigns to run at a negative balance before the amount owed reaches the specified threshold. This option is available to users from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, if they are granted the deferred payment option. Read more about the deferred payment option and deactivation threshold.

Can't enable autopay
  • Can't link the bank card.

    No more than five cards can be linked to autopay. Check the number of cards under Bank card in Yandex ID. If you already have five cards, remove one of the added cards.

  • Autopay is disabled due to an error:

    • the operation limit was exceeded
    • an error occurred on the side of the payment system
    • the payment was declined on the side of the payment system

    Contact your bank to check for those reasons.

  • You selected YooMoney as the autopay method

    If you configured autopay from your YooMoney wallet, the autopay is made from the wallet balance (rather than from the bank card linked to it). If there are no funds in the wallet, auto top-up won't work. To avoid controlling your wallet balance, set up direct autopay from your bank card.

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Have questions?

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