How to launch impressions for vehicles

  1. Requirements for ads
  2. Create a campaign
  3. Recommendations on setting up campaigns
  4. Statistics

The product gallery can include ads created from a feed of new and used passenger vehicles, trucks, or special equipment. Text & Image ads for car sales aren't served in the product gallery.

Requirements for ads

  • The link opens a page with one vehicle.

  • The vehicle's availability and price details in the ad are up-to-date.

  • The link leads to a site with information about the advertised vehicle. No redirects to other sites are allowed.

Create a campaign

Click Add → Campaign. In Expert mode, select:

  • Product sales → Sell via Yandex Search or Sell via Product gallery. Learn more about how to set up Dynamic ads from feeds.

  • Product sales → Product campaign. To advertise a vehicle in the product gallery, generate an ad form a feed. Learn more about setting up a Product campaign.

To display vehicles in the product gallery, use the feed in XML format.

Recommendations on setting up campaigns


Try to add as many vehicle characteristics as you can to your feed. Be sure that your feed includes the brand, model, modification, year of manufacture, price, link to the vehicle page, and its photo. This additional data will help Yandex Direct to select more relevant queries for your impressions and add more details to the vehicle card. For example, you can add the vehicle modification, body type, mileage, and color.

Add high-quality images to the feed without labels, watermarks, or bright visual effects.

Check out the feed requirements and the example.

Use the Maximum conversions strategy and set up every possible option for goal completion to optimize your campaigns. For a car dealership, those can include a range of options for contacting your customers: a direct call and a callback, a request for a test drive, scheduling a consultation about a car, a trade-in request, and others. To specify multiple goals for optimization, set limits on the cost-revenue ratio or weekly budget.
The weekly budget should be enough for at least 10 conversions, though 20 would be preferable. If you have multiple optimization goals in the strategy, base your minimum budget on the most costly goal.
Ad group settings

To target regions, devices, and vehicle brands, use a single campaign but different ad groups.

Use all query categories.

Avoid brand names in your negative keywords. This will enable you to display ads in the Product gallery on the “brand name + car name” queries.

Use the advanced ad group settings to specify which feed fields to fetch ad titles and texts from.


Statistics for impressions in the product gallery are available in theReport Wizard. To analyze the placement, build the report for the cross-section Type of placement → Product gallery.

Have questions?

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