How to launch product impressions

  1. Requirements for ads with products for the gallery
  2. How to start impressions in the product gallery
  3. Recommendations on setting up campaigns
  4. Statistics

Requirements for ads with products for the gallery

  • The link opens a page with one product.

  • The ad displays up-to-date information on product availability and its final price.

  • There are active “Buy” or “Add to сart” buttons, and they correspond to user scenarios. Additional actions such as “Request a call” and “Call a measurer”, after which the user will know the product's final price, are not suitable for the product gallery.

  • The link leads to a site where one can purchase the advertised product. No redirects to other sites are allowed.

  • We recommend adding a photo of the product on a white background without additional details.

How to start impressions in the product gallery

Click Add → Campaign. Choose:

  • In the Campaign Wizard: Product campaign. Learn more about getting set up.
  • In expert mode: Product sales → Product campaign, Sell via Product gallery or Sell via Yandex Search. Learn more about how to set up Dynamic ads from feeds.

When creating campaigns for the product gallery, you can use feeds in the following formats: YML, Google Shopping, XML, and CSV.

To serve your Text & Image ads in the product gallery, click Add → Campaign, then in the expert mode, select Conversions, sales, and traffic or Product sales → Manual ad setup. Learn more about setting up Text & Image ads.

Recommendations on setting up campaigns


Fill out as many fields in the feed as possible. For an arbitrary YML feed, make sure to specify the url, price, picture, typePrefix, vendor, and model parameters. For a simplified YML feed, specify url, price, picture, and name.

Make sure to use the param element to transmit product characteristics and parameters:
  • Gender.
  • Colour or Color, can be separated by commas.
  • Size.
  • Material.

Specify the parameters for all similar products so that ads are more accurately served based on specific user queries.

One param element describes a specific characteristic, while an offer element can contain any number of param elements.

Read the feed requirements. See the Examples of feeds by categories section for examples of product feeds in certain categories.

If you don't have a feed, you can use a product campaign based on the website: products from the campaign also get into the gallery.

Use the Maximum number of conversions strategy with pay per conversion or pay per click with multiple goals (for example, purchase, call back, direct call), including a strategy that helps you maintain a certain cost-revenue ratio.
Do not limit your campaign budget. When using conversion strategies, be sure that your weekly budget is 20 CPA or more (based on the specified target CPA).

Avoid negative keywords. Yandex Direct algorithms select the products that best match the user query.

To target regions and product categories, use a single campaign but different ad groups.


Statistics for impressions in the product gallery are available in theReport Wizard. To analyze the placement, build the report for the cross-section Type of placement → Product gallery.

Have questions?

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