Campaign planning

Before creating a campaign, you can check effectiveness of selected parameters using the Campaign planning tool. It will help you calculate the reach, impressions, and other display campaign parameters for the audience you selected. To move on to creating a forecast, in the menu, click Tools → Campaign planning.

  1. Creating a forecast
  2. Forecast results
  3. Media plan

Creating a forecast

  1. Select the campaign type: a display campaign or a display campaign on the Home page. For a display campaign on the Home page, the forecast will only include impressions on a new Yandex Browser tab.
  2. Specify the start and end date of the campaign.
  3. For a display campaign, select a strategy and specify a budget. If needed, specify ad platforms to disable impressions and bid adjustments.
  4. For a display campaign on the Yandex Home page, specify the budget and select the site version: new browser tab.
  5. Under Ad groups, add a new group. Select the ad type, audience, and regions. The settings for selection are the same as for creating the campaign.
  6. Under Campaign forecast, click Get forecast.

Forecast results

  • Limit average CPM: The CPM limit recommended for you.
  • Impressions: The predicted number of impressions for the campaign.
  • Campaign reach: The predicted number of unique users (within the budget).

    User profile settings, uploaded banner settings, display regions set for the ad group, and ad inventory adjustments are included in the calculation.

  • SOV by impressions: The ratio between predicted impressions and the market capacity. The market capacity depends on the display regions you selected in the campaign settings.

    The forecast shows how many impressions a campaign can bring within the budget and CPM limit.

    For example, the audience of an ad platform for a certain period of time is 1000 users. 10 impressions can be counted for each user. The market's impression capacity is equal to 1000 × 10 = 10,000 impressions.

    Each impression costs 1 ruble. It means that at a budget of 1000 rubles, a campaign may expect 1000 impressions.

    SOV by impressions would be 1000 : 10,000 × 100% = 10%

  • SOV by reach: The ratio of the predicted reach to the total number of users. The number depends on the display regions you selected, list of blocked sites, and ad inventory adjustments. The forecast shows the expected campaign reach for the given budget and CPM limit.

    For example, the total number of users is 1000 people. 100 impressions of the campaign will bring 50 unique users. In this case, SOV by reach would be 50 : 1000 × 100% = 5%

  • Budget (including VAT): The forecast budget. Sometimes your budget can't be spent, for example, because your audience is very narrow or the CPM limit is too low.
  • Target reach: The forecast number of unique users in all selected groups.
The estimation might not be available if you used the following when setting up your profile:
  • A Yandex Audience segment based on location data (learn more in Yandex Audience Help).
  • A Yandex Audience segment that was created less than 6 hours ago or more than two weeks ago and was not used in Yandex Direct display campaigns.

Actual indicators may differ from the forecast. We recommend that you keep track of the indicators, and re-adjust your media plan when needed.

Media plan

Transfer the obtained results to the media plan: Add to media plan.

If necessary, create more calculations and add them to the media plan. To export your media plan to an XLS/XLSX file, click Export to Excel.

Use the calculation results to set up your campaign. For the best match with the indicator forecast, make sure that settings in the media plan and in the campaign are absolutely the same.

Have questions?

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