Create ads

Click Add → Campaign. In the Campaign Wizard tab, select App installs and in-app conversions.

Enter a link to your app page in the AppStore or Google Play. The app data is populated automatically. You can also add a tracking link.

Attention. You can only create 10 campaigns per app to serve ads for users of iOS 14.5 and higher. Recommendations on setting up campaigns for iOS apps.
Step 1. Configure the ad layout for group 1
  1. By default, Yandex Direct fetches the title and description text from the app store. You can edit them. In the description, tell users about your app, its benefits, or features. Read our recommendations on writing ad texts.

    You can add up to six title and text options: Yandex Direct will automatically create ads from them and show the most effective ones more often.

    We recommend that you add as much as possible options for each element. This makes creatives more diverse and improves campaign performance.

  2. Add up to 15 images (in different formats: square, vertical, and horizontal) and up to 15 video files to the ad. Images must not contain text. An image with of 450 × 450 pixels is OK, but it is better to use images from 1080 to 5000 pixels, in JPG or PNG format, up to 10 MB. Video: maximum 100 MB, from 5 to 60 seconds.
    Technical requirements for videos
    Format MP4, WebM, MOV, QT, FLV, AVI
    Size 100 MB maximum
    Length Between 5 and 60 sec
    Recommended aspect ratio 16:9; 1:1; 9:16
    Minimum resolution 360p
    Recommended resolution 1080p
    Video frame rate From 20fps
    Video codecs H.264, VP6F, VP8, Theora
    Number of video tracks 1
    Minimum quality 44 kHz, 16 Kbit/s, stereo
    Audio codecs AAC, MP3, Vorbis
    Number of audio tracks No more than 1
    File codec avc1, F4V, isom, M4A, M4V, mmp4, mp41, mp42, qt
    Cover No
    Note. Videos created in Video Builder meet all the above requirements.

    Well-chosen images and videos draw more attention to the ad and increase conversions.

  3. Launch interactive banner ads (Playable Ads): a mini-game or demo will give an impression of your app. Upload an archive with an HTML5 banner and relevant images. Creatives must meet the requirements.

To check how your ad will look with different creatives on different ad platforms in the preview area, hover over the desired image and select the placement: search results or advertising network.

Step 2. Define the audience for group 1
  1. Enter the display region for your campaign.

  2. If necessary, you can use advanced settings to set up:

    • Ad placement. Impressions and pricing work differently on search and in ad networks,

    • Autotargeting categories. You can't disable autotargeting for targeted queries.

    • Related terms: List the keywords your audience might use to search for you. We'll select interested users based on these keywords. Yandex Direct will select interested users based on these keywords. You can use characters and operators.

      When launching a campaign, avoid narrowing down the coverage with negative keywords. First of all, look up the search keywords that triggered your ad in the search query statistics. Then add irrelevant queries as negative keywords.

    • Retargeting & Audiences. You can serve ads in your mobile app to the most valuable or interesting segments of Yandex Audience.

      You need to set up different campaigns to launch retargeting in search results and in the YAN. Use a keyword and segment for retargeting in search results and only a segment in the YAN. If you add keywords for the YAN, your ads will get served to new users (those not from the segment).

Step 3. Create a new ad group.

If you advertise a single application and are willing to spend the same CPI, create up to ten ad groups with unique texts, images, videos and targeting settings (including retargeting). That way, you can use different creatives for different types of targeting in the same campaign.

Within each ad group, you can set up multiple title options and let Yandex Direct select the best performing ones. This increases the number of combinations and chances for the ads to be served.

Clone your previously set up groups and variate settings in them.


However, if you want to use different CPIs for retargeting or segments created in Yandex Audience, this multi-group approach won't work for you.

Step 4. Select a strategy
  1. Set up the Mobile Measurement Platform and enter the tracking link. This way you can transmit data from your app to Yandex Direct to collect statistics and optimize your campaign.

    For iOS apps, a campaign for users running a version lower than 14.5 will be created by default. To advertise your app for users running iOS 14.5 and higher, enable the Campaign for iOS 14.5 and higher option. Make sure that your app passed verification and supports the Apple SKAdNetwork API. Recommendations on setting up campaigns for iOS apps.

  2. If you are using the AppsFlyer or Adjust Mobile Measurement Platforms, you can track the campaign goals that were completed after viewing the ad, even if the ad wasn't clicked. However, in total, you'll pay for the campaign according to the chosen strategy: we'll attribute all conversions to clicks like before. You don't pay for additional installs attributed to impressions. To use this option, specify the tracking link in the strategy settings and in the window that appears select Enable impression attribution.
  3. Specify the targeted event and set its price.
    • Select “App installs” and set the average cost for completing the goal. You'll get maximum clicks resulting in app installations. The payment will be per click.
    • Select “App installs” and set the fixed cost for completing the goal. You'll be charged for app installs.
    • Select a relevant in-app event if you want to attract users who perform a certain action in the app (for example, complete registration). Set the average cost for completing the goal. The strategy for maximizing targeted clicks to the app will be selected. You'll get optimization based on the specified average cost. The payment will be per click.
    • Select “Click on ad”: you'll pay for each click on your ad. Specify the average CPC.

    The settings can also be used with campaigns for iOS 14.5 and higher.

  4. If needed, set up bid adjustments for gender, age, or region.
Step 5. Set a budget

Set your weekly or monthly budget. We recommend setting a budget that will be enough for a week. It will be shown in the campaign settings. Learnmore about budget calculation for each campaign type.

Yandex Direct will spend money within the specified amount. The campaign will run as long as there is money on the account.

As an advertising data operator, Yandex assigns each creative a unique identifier (token) when creating campaigns. It uses this token to aggregate all your placement data and send it to the Unified Register of Online Advertising (ERIR). Learn more about ad labeling.

To send your campaign to moderation, click Create campaign.

Try it out

Ad moderation and launching a campaign

After you create your ad, it will be reviewed to make sure it meets all requirements. Click Send to moderation and confirm that you accept Yandex's terms for publishing your ad. Moderators usually review an ad within a few hours. Moderators do not work at night. On weekends and holidays, moderation might take longer than on business days.

Your moderation results will be emailed to the address you provided when you created the ad campaign.

Your ads start to be served as soon as Yandex receives your payment.

Have questions?

Attention. Our customer service can help you with the campaigns created under the same login that you use to contact us. You can see your current login in the upper-right corner of the screen. Our team can access your data only when processing your request.

You can contact us from 10:00 to 19:00 (UTC+3) by phone:

Moscow: +7 (495) 780-65-20

Russian regions: 8 (800) 700-47-45 (toll-free within Russia)


To access campaigns, the customer service specialist will need your PIN.