You can use retargeting lists to serve ads in your mobile app to the most valuable or interesting to you audience segments and solve a variety of tasks:

  • Motivate users to purchase items left in the cart.
  • To return users back to your app if they installed your app but never used it or stopped using it at some point.
  • Bring the users who interacted with your display ads to your app.
  • Remind your loyal audience to replenish their FMCG stock or buy related products.
  • Tell users about other apps that might interest a certain user group.

By using retargeting, you can not only reach your engaged or loyal audience, you spend your ad budget wisely: working with the audience that already knows you is cheaper than attracting new users.

How to set up retargeting

  1. Create a segment in Yandex Audience or based on events from the MMP.
  2. Set up retargeting criteria for serving your ads.

    Learn more about the criteria.

  3. Create ads with a unique offer, such as a promo campaign or a promo code.
  4. Test different audiences and ads.

Conversion tracking

  • In the tracking links, add parameters for transmitting the ad IDs (IDFA for iOS and GAID for Android) and the click ID.
  • Set up transmitting "app install or first open" conversions in your MMP.
  • Transmit to Yandex Direct the data on all "app install or first open" conversions, including unattributed ones, to compile a dynamic suppression list. This will stop ads from being served to users who have already installed your app.
  • Select an attribution window of 30 days for the "install on click" setting and 24 hours for "impression".
  • Select an attribution window of 7 days for the "in-app event on click" setting and 24 hours for "impression".
  • Enable attribution by impression. This way you can get up to 30% more installations for free (we charge only for installations attributed to a click on an ad). The algorithm also takes the impression settings into account when training the campaign.
  • Check postback transmission after launching the campaign: the settings should be shown both in your MMP and Yandex Direct account.
  • Do not change the installation attribution window in active campaigns.

Learn more about conversion tracking.

Recommendations for targeting segments

  • Make sure that the campaign brings you at least 10 conversions per day or 70 conversions per week.
  • Use the strategy only with the Optimize conversions strategy if you want to serve your ads to users who already use your app. In the beginning, set simple and frequently completed goals for your campaign to let the strategy collect a training dataset faster.
  • Create a segment of similar users (Look-a-like) to target the users who access your app regularly. This way you can attract a more engaged audience.

    You can select a similar audience among the users who made actions in the app, select a Yandex Metrica segment or your custom Yandex Audience segment, as well as prepare the data based on a CSV file.

  • Use any kinds of strategies if you want to serve ads only for the new users.

  • Campaign Wizard supports serving ads for audience segments both in search results and in Yandex Advertising Network.

    In search results
    Add keywords — Your ads will only be served for users from the segment when they enter the search queries that match your keywords.
    In the YAN
    Don't use keywords — The ads will target users from the segment directly.
  • Better create separate campaigns for different serving conditions: one campaign for search results and another for the YAN.
  • Keep mind that autotargeting is automatically disabled in the audience-targeted ads created in the Campaign Wizard.
  • Add advertising materials providing unique offers for the selected audience, such as a promo code or a promo campaign, to get them engaged.

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