Tracking systems

You can use a mobile app attribution platform to get data about new installations from the app store. This system compares new installations with click-throughs from ads and sends this data to Yandex Direct to calculate the conversion rate.

By connecting a mobile app attribution platform you can:

  • Optimize an ad campaign for installs and in-app events.

  • Collect accurate statistics on installations and in-app events and use these statistics both in Yandex Direct and the mobile app attribution platform.

Yandex Direct supports the following platforms: AppMetrica, AppsFlyer, Adjust, Branch, Kochava, MyTracker, Singular, and Tenjin. For campaigns running on iOS 14.5, SKAdNetwork is supported in AppMetrica, AppsFlyer, and Adjust.

You can pass various parameters and tags (including UTM tags) in the links.{logid}&source={source}

These allow you to monitor various statistics, such as traffic sources. Learn more about using parameters and tags.


Verify your app to set up retargeting for users who have achieved the goals specified in the tracker.

If you use different usernames for AppMetrica and Yandex Direct, you must grant access to the Yandex Direct username in the AppMetrica account to verify the app. If the usernames match, you'll be verified automatically.
Adjust or AppsFlyer
Specify the App ID when setting up integration, and the app will be verified after receiving the first postback from the MMP (you'll see the icon in the app settings).

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