Types of ads

A single campaign can have different types of ads. We recommend you try creating as many options as possible so that your ads can be served on all the available ad platforms.

Text ad in search results

An ad for advertising apps in search results

Ad with an image

Add a text with an image to emphasize the meaning of your ad

Ad with a video

Transform your ads into pay-per-click video ads

Interactive banners

Tell users about your offer using a mini-game

Text ad in search results

Ads will only consist of a title, text and action button that leads to the app page in an app store. The titles and texts of ads must be of interest to the user or offer to solve a problem for them.

The ads are served in search results on mobile devices that are compatible with your app.

How to write an appropriate text

Ad with an image

A well-chosen image draws more attention to your ad and helps users understand what you are offering them instantly.

Image ads are served in the Yandex Advertising Network but not in search results.

How to add images to ads

Ad with a video

Videos turn your ads into short video clips (15 second long). Shoot your video and upload it when creating an ad. Video ads are placed in the video network, on relevant sites of the Yandex Advertising Network in the OutStream, InStream, and InApp units: that is, in full-screen banners or rewarded banners.

How do I add a video?

Interactive banners

An interactive banner (Playable Ad) is an ad that is designed as a mini app or a game. Instead of just watching, the user can test an app or play a game before downloading it.

Examples of ads:

  • Mini-games to engage the user in a use case.
  • Tests to highlight useful information about the service.
  • Demo versions to test the online functionality.
  • Clickable reviews to introduce the user to the product and other related cases.

Interactive banners are served on mobile devices.

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