Placement of social ads by commercial organizations

Available formats

You can place social ads in the following formats:
  • Banner in ad networks: Targeting the desired audience in the Yandex Advertising Network. Setting up social ad impressions based on important user characteristics. For more information, see Display banners.
  • Video ads: Impressions on the Yandex Video Network's verified partners (for example, using InStream videos, OutStream content, or Interstitial in-app ads). For more information, see Video Ads.
  • Text & Image ads: Impressions in ad networks on desktop browsers, tablets, and mobile phones. For more information, see Text & Image ads.

Social ads can't be placed on Yandex search. Impressions on search will be restricted during moderation.

The ads are labeled with a “Social ad” icon. Information about advertisers and social ads will be openly published in the Social advertising report.