You can find your placement analytics in Yandex Direct on the Summary of ad performance in Yandex Direct page. The page contains several widgets to track key placement indicators and analyze campaigns in different cross sections. Only the data for pay-per-click campaigns is collected in the widgets.

By default, the "Last click from Yandex Direct (cross-device)" attribution model is used for the analysis. You can change it to any other model from the list.

  1. End-to-end analytics from Yandex Metrica
  2. Yandex Direct campaign analytics
  3. Configuring the display of data

End-to-end analytics from Yandex Metrica

The widget displays data from Yandex Metrica for the past 30 days. There are three default indicators to compare placement results:

  • Clicks: Sessions from various sources.

  • Conversions: Reaching all or some of the goals set in Yandex Metrica.

  • Revenue: Your estimated revenue from conversions for all or some of the goals. The tab appears if revenue is transmitted for conversions in Yandex Metrica.

Yandex Direct and Yandex Metrica use different calculation methods, so the revenue and conversion count may differ.

Yandex Direct campaign analytics

The Yandex Direct campaign analytics section shows statistics based on Yandex Direct data.

In the panel with filters, set the period for analyzing indicators on all widgets in this section, then add filters:

  • Goals: Create a list of goals to be analyzed in the widgets. Select all goals or select the ones you need in the categories:
    • Any goals: Goals for all Yandex Metrica tags used in your campaigns.

    • Goals from advertising campaigns: The goals you have selected as strategy goals in all campaigns, including the archived ones.

    • Goals with a specified value: Goals that have a value set in Yandex Metrica or Yandex Direct, for all campaigns including archived ones. For example, priority goals.

    The filter only affects values for the following indicators: “Conversions”, “Goal cost”, “Revenue”, “Profit”, “CRR”, and “ROI”.

  • Campaigns: Select campaign names or IDs.
  • Campaign status.
  • Strategies: Analyzing campaigns with specific strategies.
  • Placements: Analyzing campaigns with specific placements (search results, ad networks, or all sites).

With filters applied, the widgets will only show data for those campaigns that have stats collected for the specified period. Selected filters apply until the next time you visit the page.

Key indicators

The widget helps you track campaign metrics over time. By default, four indicators are selected to compare data on the chart: clicks, conversions, costs, and revenue. You can change any of the four indicators. To do this, click on an indicator and select another one in the menu. You can also hide indicators you don't need. The level of detail depends on the period selected in the filter panel.

Promotion effectiveness

The widget allows you to analyze ad results using analytical cross sections. It includes charts and an itemized table.

There are 3 tabs in the widget:

  • Campaigns: A bubble chart with clicks along the Y-axis and costs along the X-axis. Select the cross section on the right. You can analyze conversions, revenue, profit, ROI, and other campaign indicators. The size of bubbles depends on the value of the indicator selected in the cross section.

  • Goals: A chart for evaluating goal completions based on selected indicators. The chart shows the top 10 goals for the selected metric. You can view statistics on conversions, revenue, profit, CRR, and other indicators.

  • Placements: A chart for comparing your ad performance in search results and in ad networks. An intuitive tool to evaluate the your advertising funnel.

Configuring the display of data

To add or remove widgets or change their arrangement, click Customize order of widgets at the top of the page.

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