Maximum number of clicks with manual bids

The “Maximum number of clicks with manual bids” strategy allows you to manually set bids for specific impression criteria. You will get the maximum number of impressions and clicks within the limits you have set for the bid, display region, and so on. Competition with other advertisers will also be factored in.

With the conversion forecast tool, your bids can automatically decrease for clicks with a low probability of conversion, or increase for clicks with a high probability of conversion. This will allow you to get more targeted traffic. To make your ads more profitable for your business, specify conversions and their values. These values will be used by bid adjustment algorithms to target your specific needs.

  1. Strategy settings
  2. How to choose the optimal bid
  3. How to set a bid
  4. How to monitor traffic volume changes

Strategy settings

Daily budget

Average daily campaign spending per calendar week.

The budget is reallocated over the course of the week: your remaining balance from less active days will be spent during more active days. Daily spending may be higher or lower than the limit you set. The system can not spend more than 30% over your average daily budget amount. Your average daily spending over a week will not exceed the limit you set.

The budget will be distributed across the entire day or time period you entered in the time targeting settings. If the budget you set is not sufficient to serve your ads throughout the whole day, your ads will participate less frequently in the auction. If the specified budget is enough to serve ads all day, you will receive all available traffic.

If you use high-frequency keywords with a small daily budget or set high bids for keywords, Yandex Direct cannot guarantee that the impressions will be distributed evenly throughout the day. Your available budget may run out completely at the beginning of the impression period, with no funds left for the rest of the day.

You can't change your daily budget more than three times per day:
  • When setting a limit or reducing the daily budget, the setting will be applied from the next day.
  • If you remove the limit or increase the daily budget, it will be applied immediately after activation.
In this case, the average spending from Monday through the day of the change can't exceed the previously set limit by more than 30%. For the remaining days of the week, the average expenditure will target the new amount of the daily budget.

The daily budget runs based on Moscow time (UTC+3), regardless of the time zone chosen for your campaign.

The minimum daily budget is 300 rubles (see other currencies).

Yandex Metrica tag

Add a Yandex Metrica tag.

If you don't have access to the Yandex Metrica tag, you can request access only for the goals configured for this tag. To do this, specify the tag, then click