Pay per view

Get the maximum number of video views in prominent ad positions. You will only be charged for views, and the average CPV for the period won't exceed your preset CPV. The strategy is good for advertisers who know how much they are willing to pay per video ad view.

View: An occurrence of one of the following events:

  • Viewing 100% of the video if the video is shorter than 30 seconds.
  • Viewing 30 seconds of the video if the video is longer than 30 seconds.
  • Click on the link to the advertiser site.

The strategy is effective for campaigns with a duration of 14 days or more.

When the ad campaign is launched, the strategy is trained. The training stage lasts from 5 to 7 days.

Strategy settings

Budget distribution period
Enter a budget distribution period — either a time period or calendar week.

Enter start and end dates for the period. These dates should fall within the date range for the ad campaign itself. The maximum period is 90 days. The minimum period is one day (without including the day when the campaign is set up). The budget will be expended evenly over the period you enter. If you must set several time periods using different criteria, create separate ad campaigns for each one.

You can automatically extend the period to effectively use the remaining budget and reach a broader audience. Your period will extend through your campaign's end date or until your budget runs out. With this strategy, the system will aim to distribute your remaining budget every day while factoring in your impression criteria and settings. However, the budget and average CPM limits you set for the strategy won't be exceeded. If the Autocontinue setting is disabled, then your ads will stop being served when the period ends.

Strategy budget

Enter your ad budget. When planning your budget, keep in mind that the minimum daily budget is RUB 300 (see other currencies). Also note that switching between strategies, stopping your campaign, or changing your time targeting can all influence how your budget is spent.

Limiting average CPV

Set the limit on the average CPV. The minimum value is 0.10 rubles (see other currencies). Check the color on the price scale: a price in the green area is more likely to help you meet the goals of the strategy than a price in the yellow or red area would. Follow this recommendation: the calculated value will allow you to make the best use of the specified budget over the specified period with the applied targeting criteria.

The system automatically sets your CPV so that you get the most views at the lowest price possible. The average cost may fluctuate up or down over the course of the day, However, the average CPV over the entire period of the strategy will not exceed the limit you set. For the limit to apply, the strategy should run without changes or pauses throughout the calendar week.

Change the strategy settings

You can adjust your strategy settings at any time, even if the strategy is already in use. In the editing window, you can change the average CPV, budget, or budget allocation period. The new settings are applied within 24 hours. After you make any changes to the strategy settings, the strategy restarts and trains on the new data for 5-14 days.

If you change the period start date, the strategy is restarted on the specified date.

Please note: you can change settings for an active, already running strategy with a specified placement period, but no more than 3 times per day. No limitation is imposed on editing a strategy that has not yet been launched.

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