Conversions (previously referred to as priority goals) are actions of site users that are most important for the business. For example, sending a request, registering on the site, viewing pages with prices and services, adding products to the cart, or purchase. Use such goals in your campaign to fine-tune the system for your problems. You can set up multiple conversions for any strategy, except “Maximum conversions” limited by average CPA or fixed “CPA” (for pay per conversion).

  1. Setting up conversions
  2. How to calculate conversion value
  3. Statistics on conversions

Setting up conversions

If you want the system to adjust bids depending on your website tasks, set up goals in Yandex Metrica and specify them in your strategy settings.

  1. When setting up a campaign, under Strategies, in the Conversions and their value settings, select the desired goal from the list.

    In the "Maximum clicks" and "Maximum cl