Display strategies in display campaigns

A strategy is a combination of settings designed for the purpose of an advertising campaign. For example, you may aim to promote products or services, improve brand awareness, maximize your reach, or communicate the value of your products.

You can manage bids using automatic algorithms (by tuning their parameters) or manually:
  • With automatic management, you define the result that the strategy should focus on and set the budget. Yandex Direct will recommend the average price for efficient budget spending under the given settings. You can use the recommended price or set it yourself.

    Automatic strategies are based on intelligent bid management to increase or decrease each bid depending on the ad placement quality.

  • With manual management, you set a bid for each impression criteria: user profile or keyword. This bid is used in the auction for each ad impression. The click price doesn't exceed the bid you set.
  1. How do I choose a strategy
  2. How strategies work
  3. How to use strategies effectively

How do I choose a strategy

The choice of strategy depends on what task your ad solves. The table provides recommendations on how to choose a strategy depending on the stage of communication with users and your ad campaign objectives.

User communications stage Task Strategy
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Bring a new product or service to market.
  • Reach the maximum audience.
Lower cost for repeat impressions
  • Promote products or services to a clearly defined target audience.
  • Convey the value of your product to the audience and encourage them to learn more about your product and ongoing campaign.
Maximize impressions for lowest price
  • Attract the audience that viewed a video with your ad message at the target cost.
Pay per view
  • Increase the share of search queries for a brand and its products after display ads are served.
Growth of Search queriesβ
  • Increase the number of site visits after display ads are served.
Growth of site visitsβ
  • Increase the number of site conversions after display ads are served.
Conversions growth on the siteβ

How strategies work

Crypta technology lets you precisely target your audience. It analyzes users' online behavior and places them in groups. To do this, Crypta technology tracks the behavior of typical representatives of that group. For example, it looks at what words they use in their queries, what sites they visit, and what time of the day they use the internet.

By capitalizing on deep integration of Crypta and automatic strategies, you can manage your ad cost-efficiency better than with manual strategies or external bid management systems.

How to use strategies effectively

General recommendations

Automatic strategies are effective for display campaigns with a budget of 300 rubles per day or more. With a smaller budget, low-frequency keywords, or too narrow user profile values, the average CPM may be up to 2 times greater than the set value.

To achieve the best results, the system conducts a detailed set of calculations that are used to optimize your settings regularly. For this reason, it's important to give the system some time to work everything out. In most cases this takes a few days. Changes you make to automatic strategies also take effect within a few days, since it usually takes some time to retrain the algorithms based on the new parameters.

Impression criteria setup

Use the user profile to target your audience flexibly and accurately. A user profile consists of the cumulative characteristics of the users that you want to serve your ads to.

Specify only significant characteristics when targeting your audience. However, if your reach is too targeted, your ads might not reach a large enough audience, putting your business scaling at risk.

Use the average price recommendation

If you have selected an automatic strategy and targeting based on user profiles, go to the strategy settings after you have saved the ad group. The size of your ad creatives and the targeting criteria and used to calculate a refined price recommendation that will meet the goals of your ad campaign.

Manual bid control

If you use a manual strategy, you can set the average daily budget and a bid for each ad group. However, since the interest of your potential audience may vary day-to-day, it makes sense to set restrictions per week or strategy period. You can set them in automatic strategies.

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