Personal manager: media planning

Customers with Personal manager support can ask our sales managers to help them choose keywords and plan their advertising campaigns.

If you think your campaign needs some improvement (for example, you wish to expand your campaign to include your latest competitive advantages, or tackle a low conversion rate or CTR), you can always contact your personal manager and ask them to develop a media plan. You can contact them by phone or by email.

Once your request has been processed, you'll see a new tab appear in the campaign page containing a draft media plan.

Click on the tab to view the ads, keyword options, and suggested bids for the traffic volume you select.

The media plan contains the budget forecast for each keyword, for every ad, and for the campaign overall. If necessary, you can also ask your account manager to send you the budget forecast and media plan in an XLS-file.

Click on the Comments on media plan link to see detailed comments from the media planner. You can then accept the media plan yourself by clicking the Approve media plan button. You may then also save your media plan in the drafts section if you wish to modify it later, or launch the campaign straight away. In this case, your ads will first be sent for moderation and impressions will commence once approved. The media plan can be approved by your manager once you're satisfied with it.

Attention. You always make the final decision whether or not to accept the media plan and are responsible for making sure that your advertising materials comply with legal requirements.