Creating a video from scratch

Use your own images or videos to create an original video with custom special effects.

A video consists of scenes which are shown in succession:

  • Design your scenes using objects: texts, images, videos, and shapes.
  • Manually add texts, images, and videos, or use a feed.
  • Add animation for any object.
  • Set the background colors to reflect your corporate identity.
  • Select or upload the background music.

The duration of the video depends on the number of scenes and how long they are. The maximum duration of each scene is 10 seconds. Create videos up to 15 seconds long, which will work for most advertising campaigns.

The video format is horizontal 16:9 only.

  1. Creating a video
  2. Videos from a feed

Creating a video

  1. In the side menu, click Tools → Video Builder.

  2. On the page that opens, click .

  3. In the first scene, click on the object in the scene, add the text, and format the text:

    • Choose the color, font, and saturation for the text.
    • Specify the time when the text appears in the scene and its display duration.
    • Configure animation: select the behavior, movement direction, special effect, and durations for the beginning, main phase, and end.
    • Rotate your text if necessary.

    You can limit the text display duration using the yellow markers in the scene. To set the time when the text appears, hover the cursor over , then hold and drag the object over the timeline.

    To change the text position on the screen, drag the text over the preview area. Expand the block so that all the text is inside it.

    Check that the texts in the video meet the requirements.

  4. Upload images or videos. Under Objects in the scene, click Add and select Images or Video.

    To create a video, use:

    • Images up to 20 MB and 1080 pixels or more on the smaller side. You can also select a suitable image in the library. After you select an image, you can crop it to the desired size.
    • A video without an audio track, with a minimum resolution of 360p that meets the requirements below.

      Technical requirements for video clips
      Format MP4, WebM, MOV, QT, FLV, AVI
      Size 100 MB maximum
      Duration up to 60 sec
      Aspect ratio any
      Minimum resolution 360p
      Recommended resolution 1080p
      Video frame rate 20-60 fps
      Video codecs H.264, VP6F, VP8, Theora
      Number of video tracks 1
      Minimum quality 44 kHz, 16 Kbit/s, stereo
      Number of audio tracks Without audio
      File codec avc1, F4V, isom, M4A, M4V, mmp4, mp41, mp42, qt
      Cover No

    Configure the display of an image or video in the scene:

    • Specify the time when the image appears in the scene and its display duration.
    • Add animation: select the behavior, movement direction, special effect, and durations for the beginning, main phase, and end.
    • Rotate the image or video if necessary.

    To change the position of the image or video on the screen, drag the text around the preview area. Shrink or expand the block to get the right size of the image or video. To change the preset aspect ratio, click on the block and turn off Maintain the aspect ratio in the edit window.

  5. Scene objects are arranged in layers, which means that the object placed first has the other objects layered on top of it. The object added last to the scene is displayed on top of all the others. Move the objects to swap layers.

    For example, to place text on top of the image, select the desired text in the scene, click and hold , and drag it under the image.
  6. Use shapes to add graphical elements to the video. Choose the color and borders, and add animation.

    For example, you can add a triangle to split the screen angularly. To change the angles of the triangle, turn off Maintain the aspect ratio. In the preview area, drag the shape to the desired position and expand it outside the area until you get the desired angle.

  7. Add one or two other scenes to the video and design them. To copy a designed scene, click inside it.
  8. Under Common elements, add the objects that should be present in all the scenes:

    • Audio file. Choose a file from the library or upload your own file with a maximum length of 4 minutes and a maximum size of 10 MB.

    • Logo image: use a file up to 20 MB for the logo.

    • Text with legal information.

    Texts, images, or videos added in this block are placed on top of all layers.

  9. Preview your video.

  10. Click Save.

The conversion process takes several minutes. An MP4 1080p 30 fps video is created.

The video created will be available on the Video Builder page, on the My video tab, and in the video library (you can open it while creating an ad in the Ad Builder). You can save the video on your computer and use it in your ad campaigns. Moreover, you can use the created video as a template for other videos: hover the cursor over it and create other videos.

Videos from a feed

To create multiple videos with your custom design from the feed, click on the Video Builder page. In Items from the feed, click Add and choose a feed file.

To add texts from the feed to your scenes, when editing the text, select the column name in the tooltip above the field or enter the column name enclosed in # (for example, #name#).

To upload images from the feed, click Edit → Image from the feed and select the column name.

After your create a feed, you can download the feed with links to finished videos on the My videos tab. A ZIP archive with the created videos will also become available on this tab. You can save the archive and use it for your ad campaigns.

Read more about creating videos based on a feed.

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