GUI for Linux console client

You can work with the console client using a third-party GUI.

Name Description
YD-tools Supports all of the basic console client functions. An icon in the taskbar shows the current sync status and pop-up notifications can be used to keep you informed of any changes. The utility also adds publishing items to the context menu.
Ya-gui Lets you launch daemons in normal or advanced mode (with additional options). It adds publishing items to the context menu. When running, it lets you enable and disable file access, halt the daemon, and display information about the daemon's current status.
Yandex Disk ServiceMenu Lets you quickly access Yandex Disk: copy public links to files or folders in the clipboard and save files to your Yandex Disk folder.

If you know of any other GUIs for console clients that we didn't list, please let us know by using the form at the bottom of the page