Manage files and folders

Basic file and folder actions are displayed in the upper panel or context menu. To view additional actions, click the  icon. All actions taken with files and folders are saved in History.

Note. If you open Yandex Disk in a small window, some file actions will be displayed in the context menu instead of the upper panel.
  1. View information about a file
  2. Sort the file list
  3. Select multiple files or folders

View information about a file

To get all information about a file or folder, click the icon in the upper-left corner. The menu displays the following file information:

  • Name (to change it, click  → Rename in the upper panel or the context menu).
  • Size
  • Latest modification date
  • Number of files (if it's a folder)
  • Number of views and downloads (if it's a shared file or folder)

To view the size of each file in a folder, switch the file list view to table by clicking the icon in the upper-right corner. You will be able to see the file size in the right column.

Sort the file list

You can sort the list of files in a folder. Click Sort to see the available options.

Select multiple files or folders

To manage several files at once, select the area where they are located. All group operations are available on the panel. To select several files in a row, click the first and last file in a range while holding down the Shift key. To select several separate files, hold the Ctrl key on Windows or on Mac OS X while selecting the files.

Note. You can select no more than 500 files at a time.