You can create personal albums as you like. Go to “Smart albums” to view albums collected from your photos using computer vision.

  1. Personal albums
  2. Smart albums

Personal albums

Create personal albums and fill them with photos from different folders. Showing your photo galleries to your friends is easy — just share your albums with them.

  1. Create an album
  2. Share album
  3. Add photos to album
  4. Rename an album
  5. Remove photos from album
  6. Delete an album

Create an album

There are several ways to create an album:

  1. Click Create → Album.
  2. Enter a name for the new album.
  3. Select photos.
  4. Click the Create album button in the upper panel.

Share album

You can share the link to an album — just like the link to a file or folder. Albums are created private by default.

Note. You can't set link security settings for albums.

If you shared an album and then decided to hide it, the link won't work. If you then decide to make the album public again, people will be able to access it using the same link.

There are several ways to change album permissions:

  1. Go to the Albums section in the left panel.
  2. Click  → Share in the upper-right corner of the album thumbnail.
  3. Choose the link sharing option from the list: copy the link, send it by email, or post it in social networks. To get a QR code link, select the corresponding menu item. Move the slider to the left to make an album private.
Note. All shared albums are marked with the icon.

Add photos to album

Use one of these methods to add a photo to an existing album:

  1. Go to Albums in the left panel.
  2. Select an album.
  3. Click  → Add photo in the upper-right corner of the album thumbnail.
  4. Select the desired photos and click Add to album in the upper panel.

Rename an album

Use one of these methods to change an album name:

  1. Click  → Rename in the upper-right corner of the album thumbnail.
  2. Enter a new name and click Save.

Remove photos from album

To remove photos from an album:

  1. Choose and open the album.
  2. Select one or more photos.
  3. Click Remove from album in the upper panel.
    Note. The Remove from album button doesn't permanently delete photos from Yandex Disk. If you don't need the photos anymore, click Delete in the upper panel. Photos will be moved to the Trash.

Delete an album

  1. Click  → Delete in the upper-right corner of the album thumbnail.
  2. Confirm deletion.
    Note. If you delete an album, all its photos and videos remain on Yandex Disk. If you delete all the photos in an album, the album itself remains, and you can add new photos to it.

Smart albums

Places and Trips

In the album “Places and Trips”, you can see all photos of your travels sorted and arranged. Photos from your business trips will never mix up with your vacation shots. Photos of your usual places, such as work and home, are also kept separately. Inside, photos are grouped into albums by the location where they were taken.


In this album, you can see your most beautiful photos. They are nice to look at, cause the feeling of nostalgia, and you can share them with your friends.


In this album, Yandex Disk collects receipts, screenshots from your phone, and blurry and low-quality photos. You can sort them and delete the photos that you don't need.