Create a shared family folder

With a Yandex 360 Premium Family subscription, you can create family folders to store and share files with other members of your family plan.

Any changes you make to a shared folder, something like renaming or adding a file, are visible to all your family members. Information about the changes is also displayed in their Yandex Disk History.

If you give your family members full access to a folder, they'll also be able to modify your files and upload new ones. This allows you to work on the same data together.

Anyone on the family plan can create a family folder. By default, it will be available to all family members. The creator of the family folder can grant access to new family members or anyone else, also restricting access as needed.

You manage family folders the same way you manage shared folders on Yandex Disk.

When family folders are displayed
  • You're subscribed to Yandex 360 Premium Family.
  • You have access to the family folder.
  • You have an invitation to the folder. Family plan members don't need to accept invitations since access is given automatically.

Family folders are displayed on the Files and Family tabs. Each folder is marked with the icon.

If a family folder is not displayed in the relevant Yandex Disk section, it was deleted or has not yet been created.

If you become a member of another family or leave the family you're in, you can still use the shared family folder as long as you have access to it.

Creating a family folder

You can only create family folders in your computer's browser.

  1. Go to the Files or Family section.
  2. Click Create → Family folder, enter a folder name, and click Create.
  3. In the list of members, set each member's access rights to Full access or View only.