Ticket selection

After the ticket search is complete, you can choose the tickets you prefer. For easier list browsing, you can use additional features:

The search results show local departure and arrival times.

When you have selected your tickets, you can proceed to purchase them.

Filter list

You can filter the list to see fewer ticket options. Once the filters are set, only the tickets that match the filters remain in the list.

The filter buttons are above the list:

You can apply the following filters:

  1. No connections: click this button to see only direct flights in the list.

  2. Baggage included: click this button to see only the tickets with checked baggage allowance.

  3. Connections: click this button to pick from the following connection options:

    • Direct flights only

    • No more than one connection

    • No night connections

    • No airport change

    • Duration of connection: move the slider to vary the maximum connection duration from 45 minutes to 23 hours and 30 minutes:

  4. Time of departure / arrival: click this button to set the preferable departure or arrival intervals (Night/Morning/Day/Evening):

  5. Airports: click this button to choose the airports of departure, arrival and connection:

  6. Airlines: click this button to choose airlines or airline alliances (select a line in the list or Select all):

  7. Ticket price. Under the filter buttons, there is a pair of fields to set the maximum ticket price in a given currency:

    Click the right field to select a currency.

    Click the left field and move the slider to set the maximum ticket price.

    The ticket price filter removes all tickets with higher prices from the list.

As you apply the filters, the tickets that don't match the filters are removed from the list.

To switch the filters off, click the Reset button.

Sort list

You can sort the ticket list in different ways.

The sort button is under the filter buttons. Click this button

to set the following sort options:

  • Recommendations: the top of the list first shows the tickets

    • With the lowest price.
    • With the optimum departure or arrival time, or shortest flight time.
    • For the flights popular with the service users.
    • For charter flights.
    • Offered directly by airlines.
  • Ascending / descending: the list will follow ascending or descending order of a selected attribute:

    • Price
    • Departure time
    • Arrival time
    • Travel time

Each time you apply the sorting parameters, the list is reordered.

Nearby airports

You can find more matching tickets by searching flights to airports located near the destination.

To do this, click Nearby under the sort button:

The Nearby airports window opens to display cities with airports within a given distance from the selected city (you can move the slider at the top right corner to change the distance):

To search tickets to a city found, click Search to the right of the city name or click on the city name on the map.

This opens a list of search results with tickets.

Price trend (tickets for other days)

Ticket prices may vary markedly over the months and days of the week. You can compare them.

To do this, click Price trend under the sort button:

The Price trend window shows ticket prices for earlier or later departure or arrival dates

in the bar chart format. If a bar is light gray, the ticket price for that date is not yet requested; click the bar or a Search button below it to get the price. The bar with the lowest price is highlighted in yellow (for return tickets, the total price is shown):

In the window, you can change:

  • The month for which the data is shown.

    By default, the window displays the data over the month set in ticket search.

    To change it, click the button with the month name and select another month. The window shows the new data.

  • The time period for displaying data.

    By default, the window shows the data for the three days preceding and three days following the selected departure date.

    To change this interval, click the week (or month) button to show the data for a weekly (or monthly) period with the selected date right in the middle.

  • Return trip duration (days).

    To do this, click or in the ... day trip button. The trip duration decreases (or increases) by one day with each click.

The Buy button is displayed for tickets on the initially selected date. You may click it to close the Price trend window and return to the ticket list.

With tickets for other dates, the Search button is shown. Click it to start a ticket search for this date.


To see the price trend for a given destination, click Price trend on the destination card.