About Yandex Flights

Yandex Flights is a service that helps you find and buy air tickets. The air tickets are sold by Yandex partners: booking agencies and airlines.

Yandex Flights provides information on flights and tickets available. You can find either one-way or return tickets for specific dates, with the airline of your choice, and at a competitive price.

On the main page, you can:

  • Set the search options and find matching tickets.

  • View popular destinations and buy a ticket of your choice.

  • Use links to related services:


    Order a taxi to the airport on Yandex Taxi.

  • Use links to view:

    • Help for the service

    • User Agreement

    • Information about airlines: by clicking on the “Select airline” link, you can view details on each airline, and then search flights with a preferred airline.

  • Go to Google Play or AppStore to download the mobile Yandex Flights app to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.