Ticket search

There are two ways to start searching for tickets:

  1. Set the departure and arrival cities (if you know them) in the ticket search form.

  2. Choose a a popular flight destination and then specify the departure and arrival options, if you have not decided yet where to fly.

After the list of matching tickets is shown, proceed to ticket selection or buying specific tickets.

Ticket search form

The ticket search form is at the top of the window:

  1. To find matching tickets, set the search parameters:

    1. City of departure (in the From field).

    2. City of arrival (in the To field).

      Click to reverse the flight direction.

    3. Date of departure:

      • For a one-way ticket, click on the date of departure option, enable the One-way option, and pick a date from the calendar.

      • For return tickets, click on the date of departure field to enable the Return option and pick the departure and arrival dates from the calendar.

    4. Number of passengers and expected class of service.


      The maximum is a total of nine adults, children, and infants within one booking order. To book tickets for ten or more people, please place several booking orders.

  2. Click the Search button.

    The matching tickets are now requested from the partner sites. Then the list of tickets is shown, with local time in the cities of departure and arrival, and charter flights labelled as “charter”.

    Along with the ticket price, the list normally shows the baggage allowance for the flight.

    If the chosen destination is served by several airlines, it may take some time to search all the offers from our partners. You can stop the search at any time by clicking the Stop search and show results button at the bottom of the page. You will never miss out on the best offer: after you stop the search, the service continues to compare available offers in the background and alert you if it finds cheaper tickets.

Selecting destinations

Cards for popular destinations are displayed in the center of the screen, below the ticket search form.

Click on the destination you like and its trip parameters will be set in the ticket search form.

Click the Price trend button on the card to see the window with price trends for the selected destination.

Then you can enter other search parameters as described in the Ticket search form section.