Yandex Key Access

Your device must support protection methods from unauthorized access to use the Yandex Key app. It can be a PIN code from your phone, biometrics (facial recognition, fingerprint), graphic code, etc.

Tip. Set up any available security method on your phone before setting up Yandex Key. You can do this in the device settings.

To access Yandex Key:

  • Unlock the app using a PIN code, biometrics, etc. The key doesn't work on a device that doesn't support security methods.
  • When updating the app to a version higher than 3.0, update previously created accounts or ignore the update if you don't need your old accounts.

In Yandex Key app versions lower than 3.0, you can use a master password as your security method. If it has been set, the Yandex Key app launches an update in case you have previously created accounts. You have to enter the master password once to update your account. If you don't remember the master password, you can't transfer your accounts. Only you know this password and Yandex can't tell you what it is.

If you forgot your master password

If you have a backup copy of your accounts, you can skip the update. Then your accounts will be deleted and you will log in to an empty Yandex Key account. You can recover all your accounts from the backup copy. At the same time, you need to remember the phone number you used to create and regularly update the backup copy, and its password.

If there's no backup copy, you'll have to restore your account manually. To restore your Yandex account, use the instructions. If you want to restore an account belonging to a third-party service, contact its support team and follow their recovery instructions.