Phone number instead of username

Making your main phone number an additional login is an option that lets you enter that phone number wherever you would normally enter your Yandex username, and use a address as an email alias.

Important. Due to security concerns, we disabled using the main phone number as an additional login. The feature will remain active temporarily for users who turned it on earlier.

If you have the Phone number as a login option turned on, we recommend that you:

  1. Turn it off yourself on the Phone numbers page. The option will be disabled automatically later.
  2. Unlink the email alias containing your phone number ( from third-party services so that you don't lose any emails after the option is disabled.
More about this feature

Suppose you set the number +1 564 1234567 as an additional login. This lets you:

  • Enter the telephone number without a plus sign or spaces (for example, 15641234567) everywhere you need to enter your Yandex username.

    One exception to this rule is on the Restore access page, where you must enter the username you gave when you registered.

  • Using the address as an e-mail alias.

    To send an email to this address, you can enter a number in any format (without spaces): Yandex Mail recognizes both and

If you create a new account using your main phone number, you won't be able to use that number for logging in to your old account.

If you changed your phone number or lost your SIM card, we recommend that you turn off this feature on the Phone numbers page.