Data management

You can manage the data stored by Yandex on the Your data on Yandex page.

Download data

You can download an archive of your personal data currently stored by Yandex services. You can see the full list of services and create an archive on the Your data on Yandex page.

To retrieve an archive for your account:

  1. Go to Your data on Yandex and make sure you are signed in under the desired Yandex ID.

  2. Click Download data.
  3. Click Create archive. Yandex will send notification that the process has started to your primary email address.
  4. Once it's finished, Yandex will notify you that you can download the archive.
  5. In the message, click Go to archive and download the archive.

You need a password to unpack the archive. To find it, go to Your data on Yandex and click Show password.

In Windows or Linux, you can unpack the archive using the pre-installed archiver. For macOS, you need to install an archiver that supports 7-zip format, like The Unarchiver.

You can find data from each service in the corresponding folders in the archive. The data format depends on the service, but only XML, JSON, and CSV formats are used.

Delete data

To manage data:

  1. Go to Your data on Yandex and make sure you are signed in under the desired Yandex ID.
  2. Go to Delete data and click the button with the name of the service. This opens a list with all the types of data that Yandex stores for this service.
    Note. If the desired service is not in the list, click Other services at the bottom of the list.
  3. Select the line with the data type.
  4. In the window that opens, click Delete or Cancel.


The archive is still not available for download

It usually takes some time to create an archive. If the archive is not available for download 2 days after you requested it, contact support using the Feedback button.

I can't open some files in the archive

Try downloading the data again: go to Your data on Yandex and click Create new archive.

Some data is missing from the archive

Some services might not store your personal data at all or set a limit on the storage period. This is why the archive may not contain all the data you expect.

If I delete my data using this page, will it immediately be destroyed?

All the data you selected will disappear from all services. From this moment on, no one will be able to access it, and Yandex will stop using it. Most of the data will be immediately erased from all servers.

However, Yandex is legally required to store certain types of data, such as comments, for several years. It will be permanently erased as soon as the legal period expires. To learn more about how long Yandex stores different types of data, see Deleting data.

If you can't find an answer to your question, contact us.