Public data

You can publish various content on Yandex, such as articles, images, videos, ads, surveys, questions and answers, ratings, and reviews. Your posts are signed with your public ID, which is your photo, name, and the link to your public account.

This helps other users recognize your content, subscribe to your account, receive notifications about your new publications, and contact you.

Note. Keep in mind that your public photo and account name and address must comply with the User Agreement for Yandex Services and applicable laws.

Your reviews and ratings

Yandex collects reviews about all organizations operating in the city, as well as places, goods, games, books, and movies. To leave a review, go to the Public data section on the Data tab and click Your reviews and ratings.

Add public address

By default, the public account address is created automatically. It is used in links to your public account in Yandex services.

To make it easier to find and promote your public account, you can replace the auto-generated ID with a custom one. To do this, go to the Public data section on the Data tab. The address can contain Latin characters, numbers, dots, and hyphens.

You can only change your account address twice. The first time you can set a custom ID instead of the automatically generated one. The second time you can change your custom ID. For example:
Account address Page ID z7574jvcbe9vgwc0 — generated automatically yandex — the first custom value yandex-arcady — the second custom value

This is because we store all previous addresses. This way, users can find your public account using old links.

Each public account address is unique:
  • Two users can't have the same ID (this applies to both automatically generated and custom values).
  • A public address can't be the same as another user's username, but it can match the user's own username.

Public addresses are not case-sensitive.