Photo requirements for restoring account access

To restore access to your account, you may need to send us a photo of you holding the document.

What should be clearly visible in the photo

Why is it necessary to take a photo with the document?

We need to make sure that we are helping the account owner. To do this:

  • We compare the first and last name specified in the document with the information provided by the user when registering a Yandex account. This data must match.
  • We compare your face in the picture with the photo in the document.

Why do you need the document number and series?

We need to know the number and series of your ID to make sure that the document is valid (neither expired nor lost).

What document can I use for the photo?

  • Internal passport
  • International passport
  • Military service record book
  • Driver's license

Examples of documents that can't be used: a student ID, work ID, army draft card, hunting license, and so forth.

What should I do if I can't take a picture?

Ask someone you know to help you or take a picture using a mirror.

If you took the photo using a mirror, flip the image in the graphic editor.