On the Security tab, you can:

Change your password and set up authorization

In the Login method section, you can:

  • Change your password if you don't have logging in with a one-time password enabled.
  • Configure the Log in via QR code option.
  • Add an external account to log in to Yandex without a password.
View your login and device history

In the Activity section, you can:

  • View locations and devices you used to log in, and changes in settings. If you see an action you didn't perform, hover over it and click That wasn't me.
In the Access to your data section, under Manage access , you can:
  • View devices, services, and accounts that can access your Yandex ID. To deny access, select a device or an app and click Remove.
  • Log out of your account on all devices if you suspect that your Yandex ID was hacked.
Provide data for access restoration

In the Recovery methods section, you can add more data to ensure additional protection and make it easier to restore access to the account:

Link your social network account
Linking your social account lets you quickly log in to Yandex without a password:
  1. In the Access to your data section, click Add external accounts.
  2. Select the social network icon.
  3. Log in to your social network if you have not signed in yet using your current browser.
  4. Allow access to your public data if your social network account is not yet known to Yandex.
  5. Click Continue.
Set app passwords
Using app passwords, you can manage third-party apps' access to your account. For example, a password that you create for your mail client doesn't allow access to Yandex.Disk using the WebDAV protocol. Read more in App passwords.