Report infringement of trademark rights

Yandex does not have the authority to settle disputes concerning intellectual property rights, such as disputes concerning the use of trademarks. If you believe that your rights have been infringed upon, then you should directly contact the party that you believe is violation your rights, or seek a solution in other ways prescribed by law, such as through court action.

Yandex reviews complaints and makes decisions by taking into account the context of the trademark use. Please note that not all cases of using your trademark in a public ID can be considered a violations of your rights. Only the copyright holder or their authorized representative can file a complaint of the infringement of their rights. When reviewing a reported trademark violation, we communicate the name of the copyright holder, the email address of the individual filing the report, and the contents of the report to the person who owns the public ID. This owner will be able to contact you using the information you provided. Therefore, we recommend entering a valid email address of your company or your work email address.

In the event that a public ID may contain a trademark that belongs to you, you can report the infringement by filling out the form: