Why is Yandex asking me to change my password?

Most likely because your account was hacked. You'll need to change your password so that the hacker who guessed or found your current password can no longer access it.

When an account is blocked, the main password as well as any App passwords you were using stop working. Access to your data is also revoked for all sites, programs, and mobile apps. This way both you and the hacker can no longer access your account via Yandex websites or various apps.

  1. How does Yandex find out about a hack?
  2. What to do if Yandex asks you to change your password

How does Yandex find out about a hack?

Yandex automatically checks your account activity. Is a message sent from your inbox spam? Was there a suspicious authorization, etc.? If you clearly couldn't have performed such actions yourself (for example, you logged in to your account from both Vladivostok and Moscow within an hour), then your account will be automatically blocked. To unblock it, change your password.

For more information on how hackers could have figured out your password and gotten access to your account, read Protect your account.

What to do if Yandex asks you to change your password

If your account was hacked, then the hacker most likely knows your current password. This means that you'll have to come up with a new password that only you know. You should stop using the old password to prevent the hacker from logging in to your account.

What you need to do:

  1. Before you change your password, check all the computers and other devices that you logged in to using your old password for viruses. Hackers may use a virus to get your new password and log in to your account again.

  2. Log in to Yandex using your current password. The Change Password page will open.

  3. Confirm that you are the account owner:

    • If you linked your phone number to your Yandex ID, request an SMS confirmation code, enter it on the page, and click Confirm. If you can't access the linked number, then click I can't access that number.

    • If your Yandex ID is not linked to a phone number, answer the security question. Try to answer correctly, but if you can't remember exactly what you entered, then use our recommendations for help.

      You'll need to confirm your phone number after answering the security question. This will help you quickly and easily restore access to your account in the future.

    If you didn't set up a security question or link your phone number, then you won't be able to change your password. To restore access to your account, fill out the form. If you can't send the form, contact support.

  4. Use our recommendations to come up with a new password.