My services and subscriptions

With Yandex, you can watch movies and shows, listen to music, store photos, and much more for free. To use advanced features (such as disabling ads in movies), purchase a subscription.

You can manage your active subscriptions in the Subscriptions section on the main page of Yandex ID.

Yandex 360

A Yandex 360 subscription provides access to personal services: Yandex Mail, Yandex Disk, Yandex.Calendar, Yandex.Telemost, Yandex.Documents, Yandex.Messenger, Yandex.Notes, and more.

With a Yandex 360 subscription, you'll be able to work with these services without ads and use their advanced features: for example, choose an exclusive email address or store more files on Yandex Disk. You can also activate this subscription for a company.

Practicum by Yandex

Practicum by Yandex is an online education service from Yandex where you can master a new profession that's in high demand in the IT field.

Most courses consist of two modules. The first module is free and is designed for testing your skills at a new profession. If you decide to continue your studies, you'll have to purchase a subscription for a paid course module.