I can't delete my account

Note. If you use Yandex.Connect (with a non-Yandex email address), you can't delete your account yourself. Only your domain administrator can do this.

There's no need to delete your account if you just want to get rid of your data on one of the Yandex services: you can do this in your account settings. For more information, see Delete data. You can delete unwanted photos, clear your spam folder, or change the answer to a security question that you've forgotten using the service that stores this data. To find a solution to your problem, visit the help page of the corresponding service. All services are listed on the main Help pagemain Help page.

Attention. All your data from Yandex services (for example, Yandex.Mail emails or files on Yandex.Disk) will be deleted along with your account. This data cannot be restored in the future. You can only register an account using the deleted username after six months have elapsed.

Go to Delete Account on the page containing your personal info to completely delete your account. You'll have to confirm the action with a code sent to your mobile phone or email address.

If you didn't link either an alternate email address or the phone number, you'll have to answer the security question. If you don't remember this answer, follow the instructions on the I forgot the answer to my security question page.