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To learn how we handle complaints about user content, go to Limitations on the rights of anonymous content. If you believe that any material publicly posted on Yandex Images violates your rights, you can send a justified complaint to Yandex about it. To do this, select a category below.

We try to filter erotic content in search results if the query isn't explicitly aimed at finding it. To learn more, see our Principles.

To protect yourself as much as possible from seeing such images in the search results, turn on the Family mode in the settings.

If you found an adult image while searching with filtering enabled, let us know.

The Yandex image search results show images that are publicly available on the internet. Yandex automatically provides users with results according to their search queries. It doesn't control image content and doesn't bear responsibility for it.

If you find an image with your personal data in Yandex search results, please contact the support service of the site where it's hosted or the site's hosting provider and ask them to remove the image. The Yandex search engine won't find the image soon after it is removed from the source site.

If the image has already been removed from the source site but is still displayed in the Yandex image search results, please contact us.

The Yandex image search results show content that's publicly available on the internet. Search engines can't remove content from other people's site pages, and even if Yandex search results don't provide links to such pages, the content is still publicly available on the internet. Unfortunately, this doesn't stop the violation of your rights.

Yandex automatically provides users with search results according to their queries. It doesn't control the content of the pages it finds, and isn't responsible for it. If you find violations of your exclusive rights on any pages in Yandex search results, please contact the administrators or hosting providers of the sites that contain those pages. If problematic content is blocked or removed from such pages, or the access is restricted in another way, the links are automatically excluded from search results after a certain amount of time.

To report an image that's already been removed from the source site but is still displayed in the image search results, send us an email by filling out the form below.

The robot searches for images on sites automatically and with a certain frequency. If an image is removed from the source site, it's automatically excluded from the search results after a while.

Indexing in the search engine may be delayed, so information about the removed image may stay in the Yandex search results for some time. If you find images in the search results that have already been removed from the source site, let us know.

An application to remove from the search results: links to information that has been spread in violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation; information which is unreliable, irrelevant, or has lost significance for the applicant; information about events containing indications of criminal offences where the time limitations for laying charges have already expired, and information that the applicant committed a crime for which a criminal record was destroyed or expunged.

By submitting this application, you can exclude links to information about a citizen from Yandex search results for queries that contain the citizen's first and/or last name (“The right to be forgotten”).

The application is processed according to the provisions of Federal Law No. 149-FZ of July 27, 2006 “On information, information technologies, and protection of information”.

There is sexual content, erotic and pornographic photos and videos (for example, depictions of naked bodies or sexual intercourse) on the internet, including fake content that's created using technology (such as deepfakes). Explicit photos and videos published without the knowledge and consent of the people depicted can harm them and violate their right to privacy.

Yandex can remove links to explicit materials from search results if the photos or videos involve you. To do this, we need to make sure that:
  • You're in the photo or video.
  • An explicit photo or video in the public domain may lead to a violation of your rights and interests.
  • The content has been published without your permission.

To report this kind of content, fill out the form below:

If you think that the search results don't match your query or contain unacceptable information, let us know using the Report button.

  1. Move your cursor to the thumbnail image.
  2. Click the icon under the image
  3. Specify the scope of your complaint:

    • This result.
    • The whole page.
  4. Enter your reason for reporting this image:

    • Inconsistency with the search query.
    • Shocking or unpleasant information: repulsive images (for example, accident victims, scenes of violence, or physical pathologies).
    • Pornography.
  5. Click Complain.

After verification, your complaint will be taken into account by automatic Yandex Images algorithms to improve the quality of search results.

Note. If you are the owner of a site, review the guidelines for images.

To get the image into the search results, place it on one of the sites that match the subject. Add captions (the alt and title attributes) and some text next to the image (located near the image on the page). Wait for the robot to index the image.

When you post a very large image, it might not get into the Yandex Images search database. To guarantee that your photograph is included in search, make a smaller copy of the image with a link to the original.

Make sure that you use one of the standard image formats: JPEG, GIF, or PNG.

If this didn't help, contact support.

Thank you for your careful attention to the Yandex Images service. Please describe in detail exactly what is wrong. If you noticed page elements that are displayed incorrectly, or you are getting an error message when loading a page, attach a screenshot to your message. We will do our best to fix the problem.

Please give more detail to describe what you'd like to improve in Yandex Images. We will try to incorporate your feedback as we continue to develop the service.