Beta testing

The Yandex Metro team is constantly working to improve the app. Users who try the new features before others and tell us about their experiences help us a lot. Any user can participate in beta testing.

What is beta testing

The beta version usually contains all the features of the public app as well as several new features.

All features, both those already available in the current version and the new ones, are thoroughly checked before the app is sent for testing. However, there still remains a possibility to detect a bug. The Yandex Metro team is grateful for reporting such errors.

You can always quit the beta testing program and go back to the current public version of the app.

Participation in beta testing

How to become a beta tester
  1. Install the TestFlight app from the App Store (this is Apple's test environment).

  2. Follow the link.

    If a Yandex Metro beta version is available, you'll be able to install it. If not, you'll get a push notification later, when it appears.

  3. To join the testing of the Yandex Metro app beta version, follow the link on your iPhone or iPad after installing TestFlight.
  4. Use the app and test new features (see the description of the beta version in TestFlight).

    You can report errors and tell about your experiences using the Send Feedback button in TestFlight or via the Yandex Metro app (Settings → About → Feedback).

How to quit beta testing
  1. Uninstall the Yandex Metro beta version and download the public version from App Store.

  2. Log in to TestFlight, select Yandex Metro, and tap Unsubscribe.

You'll quit the beta testing program and won't receive notifications when new beta versions are released.