About Yandex.Mail for Android

Attention. The Yandex.Mail app is supported on smartphones and tablets running Android 6.0.0 or later.

To get started

Install the app. Log in to your mailbox on Yandex or another mail service.

Set up your mailbox: select your signature and profile picture and configure the appearance of the email list.

Managing emails

Create, send, and receive emails using Yandex.Mail.

Sort your emails: manage subscriptions and set up autosorting by category.

Easy to use

Manage your email lists: check your email, label, and search for messages in your mailbox.

Use gestures to work with your messages, manage your to-dos with Yandex.Calendar.

Secure mailbox

Protect yourself from spam: help Yandex.Mail detect unwanted emails.

Contact support if you have any problems with your mailbox.