About Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail is a free, reliable, and convenient email service with a built-in translator, as well as anti-spam and antivirus protection.


Create a mailbox and get a special address for registering on forums or online stores.

Login to the mailbox

Learn how to log in to your mailbox and what to do if you forgot the mail name or mailbox password. Switch between mailboxes.

Working with emails

Send and receive emails, attach files, sort emails by folders, and find the ones you need.

Setting up a mailbox

Configure mail import from other mailboxes, select the theme, interface layout, and set an email signature.

Managing contacts

Add contacts to your address book manually or upload a contact list from another mail service. Create a group of contacts.

Security in Yandex Mail

Protect your mailbox from hacking, theft, spam, and mailing lists, and manage your whitelist and blacklist.

Configuring email clients

Set up an email client on your computer.

Mobile access for smartphones and tablets

Read email on mobile devices.

Yandex 360 Premium

Use a virtual workspace to quickly switch between services.

Yandex 360 for Business

Connect and configure enterprise versions of services.