How to create an account in Yandex Mail

To access Yandex Mail, you need a Yandex ID. If you do not have one, complete the following steps:

  1. Enter your name and surname.
  2. Create or select a unique username, which you will use to log into Mail and other Yandex services.
    Attention. You cannot change your username after registration.
  3. Come up with a password to access Yandex ID and make sure you remember it. Your password should be secure in order to prevent malicious users from accessing your personal data.
    Note. To reveal the password, click in the password field.
  4. Provide your mobile phone number. You can use this number to restore your password and get notifications, as well as as an alternative username. You can change your phone number later on the Mobile numbers page.
  5. Enter the code from the SMS to confirm your phone number.
  6. Make sure you select the checkbox to confirm that you accept the terms of the User Agreement and allow your personal data to be processed.
  7. Click Register.

After registering, your email address will consist of your username, @, and the domain (or one of its domain aliases). For example: The domain alias is determined automatically during registration.

You can edit your personal details, set a different security question, specify additional email addresses, or edit your phone numbers list at any time.

How to change your username

You cannot change the username you created at registration with Yandex, but you can register a new one. To do this, click Add account in the account menu in the upper-right corner of the screen and then Register on the page that opens.

Attention. If you have registered a new mailbox and would like to have access to your old messages, set up the mail collector to import mail from your old mailbox. You can add your old address as an alternative address if you would like to send messages from both.

Coming up with a reliable password

A good password is hard to guess or crack using brute force.

Never disclose your account password to anyone. The more people know your password, the higher the odds of it getting into the hands of scammers.

To create a secure password, use:

  • Both upper and lower case Latin letters.

  • Numbers.

  • punctuation:

    • allowed: ``!@#$%^&*()-_=+[]{};:"|,.<>/?

    • only ~ and ' are not allowed

What passwords are considered weak

Here is a list of things you definitely shouldn't use for your password:

  • Passwords that you already use on other sites or apps. If someone found out the password you use for your social network, they would not only try to log into Yandex, but also other social networks, email services, and online banks.

  • Common words (jennifer, administrator) or predictable combinations of characters (qwerty, 123456).

  • Personal information easily accessible online: your name, birthday, passport number, etc. Even using your mother's maiden name would not be the best idea.

Special email addresses

If you don't want to provide your real email address when registering with online retailers, forums, or other platforms, add the "+" sign or the "+" sign and any word that would help you identify the website at the end of your username. For example, the address would look like this: Messages sent to this address will be filtered into the Inbox folder of your real mailbox. If you want emails from this address in another folder, create mail processing rules.

A special Yandex mailbox will also help to re-register on the site. For example, if you forgot your Yandex ID password and can't recover it.

Phone number instead of a username

The phone number linked to the account can be used as an alternative username. To set this up, go to the Phone numbers page and enable the Phone number as a login option.

Each phone number may only be used as an alternative username for one account. In this context, only one additional username can be attached to each account and only the primary phone number can be used as a username.

For example, if you made +1 564 123-45-67 your alternative username, Now, you can:

  • Enter your phone number (just the digits, such as 15641234567) everywhere you need to enter your Yandex username.

    One exception to this rule is on the Restore access page, where you have to enter the exact username that you used at registration.

  • Use as your mail alias.

Features of mail with an additional login

To send a message to this type of alias address, you can enter the number in any format (without spaces). Yandex Mail recognizes both and

Messages sent to this address will end up in your Yandex Mail mailbox. The address will stop working if you disable the alternative username or unlink the number from the account.

If the phone number is transferred to a different person and the new owner connects it as an additional login, the email address will also be transferred to this owner. How to avoid this:

  • If you lose your SIM card, go to your mobile provider to restore it.

  • If you changed your phone number, unlink the old number and link a new one on the Mobile numbers page.