You can schedule tasks and appointments directly on the Yandex.Mail page using the Tasks service. To get started:

  1. Click in the upper-right corner.
  2. Choose Tasks.
  3. Turn on Show my Tasks in Mail.
  4. Save changes.

Your list of tasks will be available in the lower right part of the page. Click the icon to collapse the tasks list. Click the tasks area to expand the task list.

  1. Creating and editing lists
  2. Creating tasks
  3. Editing tasks

Creating and editing lists

By default, the Tasks service features lists named To remember, Today and This week. To create a new list, enter its name in the text box and click Create list.

To edit the list, hover over it and click the button. You can rename or delete the list in edit mode. Task lists created by default cannot be edited or deleted.

Today and This week lists are created automatically and include tasks from other lists. You can also add tasks there manually, but you can't set the date and time. When tasks are finished, they are moved to the Completed list.

Creating tasks

To create a task, go to the required list, enter a name for the task in the text box, and click Add task.

If you want to set a specific date and time for the task, click the dated link in the lower right corner of the panel. In the Edit task window, specify the date and time when a reminder is needed for the current task or meeting.

Tasks scheduled for the current date are highlighted in orange and overdue tasks are highlighted in red.

Editing tasks

To edit a task, click it or the link to the right. You can change the task name and the date and time of the reminder in the Edit task window.

If you have completed the task, select it in the list by clicking the square icon to the left of its name. The completed task will be deleted from the list. To restore the original state of the completed task, uncheck the box next to its name in the Completed tasks list.