Write an email

Choose recipients

One recipient

Enter the recipient's address in the To field or select the contact from the address book. As soon as you start typing the first letters of a name, surname, or email address, you will see a list of matching contacts.

To search names or surnames, you can use Cyrillic instead of Latin characters and vice versa. For example, to search for “Bill the Lizard”, you can start typing the name with either the Latin “B” or the Cyrillic “Б”. The recipients you most recently wrote to are listed first.

Multiple recipients

You can send your message to several recipients at once. To do this, enter several addresses separated by commas and spaces in the To field. For example: cheshire.katze@yandex.com, just.mad.hatter@yandex.com, just.white.rabbit@yandex.com.

Note. One message can be sent to a maximum of 50 recipients in the Mail web interface and 35 recipients in the mail program. To learn more, read Sending a large number of messages.

If you have one main recipient and several optional recipients, type the main address in the To field and then type the remaining addresses in the Cc field. To view the Cc field, click the Cс, From ˅ button in the upper-right corner.

Every recipient will be able to see all the addresses entered in the To and Cc fields. If you want to hide certain addresses, then simply move them to the Bcc field.

Attention. A recipient entered in the Bcc field may not get your email because some spam filters delete these types of emails.

To move an address from the To field to another field (for example, Cc), drag the address you need by pressing and holding the left mouse button.

Select the sender's address

You can send some messages from your main Yandex email address and other messages from one of your mailbox aliases or a mailbox hosted on another service (like Gmail or Mail.Ru).

Choose an address to send messages from

For all messages

You can choose which address to send emails from in the Personal information section in the settings. This will be your default address for all emails. It will also be displayed in the upper-right corner on Yandex Mail pages when you click the user's name and profile picture.

For a specific message

You can choose the address for sending a message on the page where you compose emails. The address you select will only be used for this particular message.

  1. Click the Cс, From ˅ button in the upper-right corner.
  2. Click the name in the From field.

Format the text body

Use the formatting panel to change text to bold or italics, change the font color and size, create bulleted or numbered lists, attach an image, add a link, and so on.

If you want to disable formatting, select part of the text and click .

Add a file

Upload from a computer

  1. Under the email text box, click .
  2. Select the files you want on your PC and then click Open.
Attention. If you can't attach multiple files at the same time, refresh the page by pressing Ctrl + F5 and try to attach the attachment again. To learn more, see I can't attach a file.

If you attached a file by mistake, click in the upper-right corner of its thumbnail.

Many mail services don't accept attachments larger than 10 MB. If you are not sure that your attachment can be sent as is, send it in parts (in several messages) or attach the files to your message via Yandex Disk.

If the attachments are larger than 25 MB, the files are automatically uploaded to your Yandex Disk in the Email attachments folder. To learn more, see the Support page for Yandex Disk.

The maximum attachment size is 1 GB. You can add larger files to emails only if you have a Yandex 360 Premium subscription.

Add from Yandex Disk

  1. Under the email text box, click .
  2. Select a file or folder and then click Attach.

The recipient will receive a message with links to download the attachments. The download links to the attachments are available only to users who participate in the correspondence.

Note. The maximum size of a file uploaded from Yandex Disk is 10 GB. The number of attachments in each message is not limited.

If you can't attach a file from Yandex Disk, it may be because you ran out of space there. To learn more, go to Help for Yandex Disk.

Add from mail attachments

You can attach a file from a list of all the files you ever sent or received.

  1. Under the email text box, click .
  2. Select the folder that contains the email with the desired attachment. Folder names are displayed in English.
  3. Select the file and click Attach.

Attach a picture

There are several ways to insert an image into the email body (instead of adding it as an attachment):

Using the clipboard
  1. Copy the image to the clipboard. For example, if you want to send an image from another site, right-click it and select Copy image.
  2. Open the compose an email page, right-click the place on this page where you want to insert the image, and click Paste.
Dragging and dropping from a computer
Drag and drop the image on the compose an email page.
Note. If you drag and drop an image to the text box, the image will be inserted into the message body. If you drag and drop an image below the text box, it will be attached to the email.
Using the formatting toolbar
  1. In the formatting toolbar above the text input field, click  → From computer.
  2. Choose an image and click Open.
  3. If necessary, change the size of the image. To do this, select it and pull one of its corners.

Add a label

If you want to mark a message important or label it in some other way, click  → Add labels → Flagged (or another label) under the input field.

In the list of sent messages, the email will be highlighted in red (if you marked it important) or have a label (if you added one). The email recipient won't see your labels.

Choose a signature

You can create signatures to avoid typing your signature manually and compose emails quicker.

If you have several signatures, you can choose a specific one when composing a message, or set up signature auto-selection.

  1. Move the cursor to the current signature.
  2. Click that appears in the upper right corner of the signature block.
  3. Choose a signature.

Take a break

When you write a message, all changes you make are automatically saved as a draft every 10 seconds. You can take a break at any time and return to the message later. To collapse the edit window, click in the upper right corner of the window. To expand it again, click the email tab in the lower right corner of Yandex Mail.

Create a message template

If you frequently send similar or identical messages (e.g., invitations or CVs), you can save them as templates. Unlike drafts, templates will not disappear once your message is sent. All templates are reusable, so you can easily compose template-based emails to your partners, colleagues, or friends.

To create a template:

  1. Write an email and enter a subject. Add an attachment, if necessary.
  2. Once the template is ready, click  → Save as template:

All templates you create are saved in a special folder Drafts → Templates. They contain only the subject, attachments, and message body text (no recipients).

Send your message

Before sending the message, you can set up additional options: notifications or delayed delivery.

When your message is ready, click Send.

You can cancel sending within the next few seconds if the corresponding option is enabled.


If you want to receive a delivery report, click  → Notify me when messages are delivered (under the email text box) before sending the message.

Once the message is successfully delivered, a report will be sent to your mailbox.

Attention. The report means the message was delivered, not that it was read.

Delayed delivery

If you want your message to be sent on a certain date and time:

  1. Click the button under the text input field.
  2. Specify when to send the message: select one of the options or set the date and time manually.
Note. You can postpone sending your email for up to one year from the current date.

Cancel sending email

If you sent an email by mistake, you can cancel sending it within a few seconds of sending. To enable the option:

  1. In the upper-right corner, click  → All settings.
  2. Select Interface.
  3. In the Editing and sending messages → Cancel sending email section, specify the interval of 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds.

To disable the option, select Disable.